Tears roll down from our eyes!

Some remember their first and last encounter with you Others may have forgotten the very first day they saw you After so many years But, for us, your homies, your Squard, the people you call- family, friends, “Katalambano”, we will always have fond memories of our very encounter with you You, you, were all we […]

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Baby, look Up!

You are who you are There is no changing that Embrace who you are You can only hide behind a facade for so long So come out of hiding now Baby, look up!. You are who you are A chance to make it work again A new brand awaits you When it’s easier and less […]

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Throwing of birthday parties aren’t really my thing but honestly, I’ll be overwhelmed if someone could spoil me silly and give me a treat on my birthday. Lol… Years back, at school, on every 4th September, I will have my birthday at the sea side (my favorite place) enjoying the breeze and plan for the […]


What’s Next?

Merriment! Stress! Hard work! Mistakes! Learning-process! Socialisation! Clearly, the facial expression I gave each waking morning to work gave my inner-being a state of how my day was going to look like and end. I always dreamt of seeing myself countless times going back into the classroom. I love to teach and I like it […]

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I Can’t Do Without Them!

Hey loves, July came quickly and gradually 2019 will be coming to a stand still. Thank you all so much for reading and sharing thoughts on my posts. WELCOME TO POETESS AKOSUA’s BLOG💃🏾💃🏾 I encountered a rather talkative driver in a “Troski” who kept asking questions about myself.So I’ve decided to share some of the […]

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