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I am Linda Amoni and I write as Poetess Akosua. Welcome to my digital frontier

This here is my personal blog. It’s a lifestyle blog which I have had since 2019. Thanks to my avid and varied interests in life I write passionately on lifestyle, Personality profiles, Christian Values, Personal Testimonies, short stories, Movie and Book Reviews, fashion, Must-attend events often times social issues bothering me as a citizen of Ghana.

I aspire to make this blog one that will inspire you, educate you, inform you and give valuable aids on awesome stuff . I love to attend events and do some traveling as well. If you want to know what’s trending in Ghana in terms of lifestyle then you are in the right blog space.

I post about once a week; so that you can grasp the concept and content of the post.

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Miss Linda Amoni writing as Poetess Akosua

My blog archive is a little to your left on the screen on the homepage. That’s the treasure trove of where I started from.

Biography of Linda Amoni

I am an old student of Graceland International School and A “JOSA”. I completed my first degree at the University of Education where I studied English Language and Education. I did a few internships at Accra Academy Boys (Bleoo), attachment program at Odorgonno Senior High School and Volunteering Jobs with two media houses; Pan African TV station and Radio Windy Bay 98.3Mhz. My National Service Days at Parliament of Ghana with the Hansard Department made me realize I could actually take writing very seriously.

Currently, I am an Educationist who work in Accra. I teach English Language and Literature in English too. I have the yearning to go back to my calling as a Media person. Journalism and Print media to be specific.

The Media Circle

I grew an interest in social media when I started blogging in 2019. I took my Voluntary work with Radio and TV very seriously because of this burning desire. I attended virtual conferences and beefed up my knowledge in social media marketing. I use Instagram a lot to promote my works.

I have earned it by winning some awards and nominations. Notable one is the Ghana Tertiary Women Awards 2017, (Second runner up). National Union of Ghana Students Excellence Award as Best Female Radio Presenter of the Year. 2018. And some other nominations.

NUGS Excellence Award 2018

God has been my source of strength through this journey. I worship with the Church Of Christ (Circle Branch). My hobbies range from Taking Random pictures of people and myself. I love to dress up in a simple but classy way for photos. Trying out new things especially African crafts. I love to travel. The beach is my place of solace and regeneration. I love watching movies too and hanging out with my favorite people.

The writer

You can contact me on Twitter and Facebook and in the form below.

Twitter: @LindaAmoni1

Instagram: @akosuaamoni

Facebook: Akosua Naa Ohui



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