They didn’t only frown their faces but waited for her to leave the scene and gossiped about the issue. They could have at least rejoiced with her and given words of encouragement. Instead, they cared less about her cheesy promotion or the fact that she was going to receive extra money for earning that promotion. This clearly shows women are their own worst enemies.

My circle of friends know most of the people I roll with are guys. I used to say that “some girls are like this or that” This was once a saying of mine but there are some things that only a girl can relate to. Apparently, both men and women know of this phrase, “Women are their own worst enemies” and it is really nauseating to see women act negatively towards their fellow women. The little, unnecessary drama and trivial issues set in, when we fail to support each other in various ways. It’s been said that women are complex creatures and they have the gift of multitasking. It is a sight to behold when you see a woman trying so many things at the same time. Then I begin to ask a hoard of questions like,

“Why envy your fellow woman when you can as well strive towards pressing the same goal and win?”

As a woman, somewhere in my career I had a hellish experience which made me conclude that we’re our own enemies. The bottom line is, all the unnecessary chit-chats coupled with jealousy and evilness retards productivity. Once I got tangled between two women who harbored hatred in their heart because of a little misunderstanding. I cast my mind back to their first encounter and asked myself

“what really changed?”

The world celebrates 8th March as International Women’s Day (IWD)and acknowledges the great things women are doing. Sometimes we give credit to those who agree with us on views and ideas. Those who oppose our ideas and opinions, we tag them with a bad name and fail to give them the accorded respect. Any person who is scared of another person’s success and feels threatened is yet to figure out her purpose and identity. On the contrary, if a person is certain of her purpose and passion towards work, she will not be jealous or perturbed because, she will first decipher what trend works out perfectly for her.

As a woman, you’ll start questioning a whole lot of happenings and maybe, you’re just a representation of what people would want to be. What is more beautiful and refreshing to see your fellow woman progress and succeed in a particular field of endeavor? I say to all young and old women to show love, fairness and affection to themselves and help pull each other up to attain higher heights. The woman to woman relationship needs a massive improvement to debunk the notion and perception that “Women are their own enemies” Women in this era need to grow into thoughts and reflect on some of their actions and attitudes towards their fellow women.

Image: Elorm Richards (Photographer)


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