Too scared to look you in the face
I’m scared to let the words out
Too scared to tell of how I feel
I’m scared to let go of my coyness
Too scared to accept your rejection

I’m scared to let you go
Too scared to embrace thoughts of you with another
I’m scared you’ll mock me in your heart
Too scared i won’t be good for you
I’m scared I won’t meet your standards.

I’m scared; I’m scared;
Too scared to look in the mirror at night to rehearse my lines
I’m scared to say and see the truth
Too scared of the stranger I’m about to let in
I’m scared of your response

I’m scared you won’t feel same
Too scared another has taken over
I’m scared to discover
Too scared you won’t want me as much as I do.

And I’m scared of me…

Writer: Lynda Amoni
©March 2019

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