Trailblazer: Mother’s Day!

Time, they say will heal me and every passing day I hope to see his face one more time. Now more than ever, I miss him than every passing day and I wish I would go weeks, months and years without thinking and standing in front of my broken mirror to ask myself “Daddy why so soon”


“You’ll stop crying after few days and months and you won’t miss him that much more” But they lied. I just want to tell him he has left me in the hands of strength and courage. Nene Amoakoto II, did leave me and siblings in the hands of a Hairstylist who had to endure hardness and insurmountable challenges daily. I’m the hairstylist daughter who learnt how to make maize flour to be sold, the charcoal woman’s daughter who is unstoppable.

Mum in her hay days

When I look into her eyes all I see is Resilience and courage to continue in the face of rejection and frustration. Close friends say, I inherited my strength and boldness from her and my other half from my Dad. A mixture of the two made me a Trailblazer and a Pioneer.

“Wala p3 k3k3 ni wo fo)” meaning, what matters is we have life and that’s everything. So when faced with challenges, just smile and tell yourself this is so not permanent. God is in control. She’ll remark…

What’s my secret? : These exact Words


Yesterday, as I was preparing for a Youth Fellowship, she sat watching and reminding me every step of the way. She advised “When you go, and the ladies are cooking; watch, help and don’t just be an observer. Learn their ways and style of cooking, add it to what you already know and it will always be relevant to you one day. And this saying hit me hard… Because I’m always eager to show people what my mama taught me about a meal.

Reminds me of a dish I prepared in school( Banku with Kontomire Stew) The mere thought of some female friends who probably didn’t know my culture or let me say a different kind, made mockery of it. I was hurt and quickly had to call her to be sure if I’d make a mistake in the combination of food. Blutantly, Mama said, “Let them make mockery. They don’t know what they’re missing”


She’ll always say, Look beyond having a man who is attractive and has money at his disposal. Look beyond all the luxuries and gifts. When you meet your man, don’t look readily look out for these things even though it’s necessary. May God bless you with one who will share your thoughts and dreams.

Mum and Dad… 😍 love

One who will walk with you through life’s journey. You have the right body shape and type any man would want to have. But always remember where you are coming from and where you want to go. Take care of this beautiful creation, treat it well and wait patiently for your Man.
Respect the man who will come into your life. May humility and courage to face each day one at a time be your hallmark. Emulate the woman in Proverbs 31 and don’t slack when you find a good man. Make an impact in his life and both fight for your Salvation.

Faith and Prayers

Love God as if it all depends on you. And obey his commandments for in that, you will find eternal life and peace. Every word of God is true and it is a shield to all who come to him for protection.

Humans can’t provide your needs. The provider is God so let prayer be your lifestyle and emulate a good life.

Good company.

She’ll say “My hay days wasn’t a bore;the fun part and excitement grew more when I met your dad. Even though Dad was the reserved type, this blend of personality made our home lively until death laid it’s icy hands on him. We’d walk along the coast and make promises to each other. We’d make friends and laugh out loud. She’ll always say, “Your silence and reserved nature reminds me of your Dad” learn to go out, meet new people, dress up, look good, change a hairstyle, and pamper your beautiful self.

Friends of the Hairdressers Association.

In doing so, be mindful of the friends you have and would make along life’s Journey. Roll with people who have Vision and make an impact in the life of the young and old. Make people miss your presence and let them wish “If Lynda were here, things would have been different, we would have made this happen”

Mrs Gladys Chianke Amoni -Apreku, You’re the best poet who wrote me.

Mum & Me

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  1. “Make people miss your presence and let them wish “If Lynda was here, things would have been different, we would have made this happen”” She really hit it right. Happy Mothers Day to this amazing mum. May God bless her always

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