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I finally said “Yes”

I had no choice than to say “Yes” to this challenge. Kwesi, a fan of Poetessakosua’s blog referred me to my previous articles and challenged me to take this adventure with him.

Personally, I have a phobia for heights. So quickly, I questioned the essence of this. Don’t get me wrong. Tim Lahaye author of “Why you act like the way you do” affirms that, Melsan Temperament will question everything and would want to be given reasons why one should do this or that. I just needed to question the essence of this High Rope obstacles course.

He asked “When was the last time you faced a fear squarely? If my memory serves me right, you once said in “Trailblazer” you were bold and yeah! It’s time to test it”

But of course, i needed to prove that I am bold and the next time you catch me advising or motivating someone not to give up but rather go the extra-mile to achieve a goal, overcome insurmountable obstacles, then you should know I have been in that shoes before.

Today, i did something I never thought I’d do. It was not even on my plans for this holiday. Never in my wildest dreams!
Since it’s a holiday, I took a long nap in bed listening to songs to uplift my spirit after my quiet time. I tried so hard to complete an article but I guess I was caught up with laziness.

Occasionally, if I have no plans for a holiday, I would quickly think of something beneficial to do or a fun activity to shake off the boredom just to avoid Granny from nagging πŸ˜‚

Kwesi, head of the Brave heart team prompted me to get ready and change into something shorts or tight. (I so much hate shorts and snickers on an outing πŸ˜‚)

I have actually been to Legon Botanical Gardens a couple of times with Church friends and with relations before. We did try the canopy walk and the abseiling of the Vaughan Dam.

I swore on countless times never to try the scariest of them all “High Rope obstacle course” and would virtually give up in the process. Growing up, I realize I have gone through hell in life before and I know how it feels to be faced with huge obstacles. Overcoming obstacles isn’t an easy task in life. So this was somewhat a way to prove to my inner self that no matter the situation, I can’t give up yet and that life will definitely present a lot of challenges.

The “Ohh” “Arrrrrggghhh” “πŸ˜₯Ajeeeeeiiii” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜«πŸ˜₯the screams and moans made me feel this is the end of it all. At a point I felt like going back but he assured me I was 100% in safe hands and we were all going to do this together. I was scared trust me. After seeing some people descend the rope and land in, my inner spirit told me if they could do it, what shows I can’t possibly do it! I, however, finally said yes to this challenge.

“The dawn will come but remind yourself of how strong you are and how far you have been able to carry yourself. Then you will learn that you are stronger than what you think you are.” – Neskine

A big hug to all my new readers and to the ever faithful day ones, thank you for always reading my post and sharing your thoughts in the Comment Section.



xoxo 😘 😘

Images: Legon Botanical Gardens site and personal images.



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13 responses to “I finally said “Yes””

  1. Keep the flame burning up. Men of ability who always dream of success, often achieve it without even a thought of it -Abraham Lincoln .I really cherished your adventous lifestyle you exhibited in the writ up. When will you say β€˜yes’ to mine…

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