Silent Reflections


Oh where do I begin

How do I begin this story

One I’d never wish to tell

A story of solemn reclusion

One of hibernation

Of silent reflection


Growing up,

At age 5

I was indirectly taught to bottle up my emotions

I was told it was seen as perfections

I was told it was for the attention
I was told not to voice out the odd

I was told society will never defend if it goes wrong


At age 10

I stopped caring

I lived in my skull

I bottled up feelings

I cried bitterly within

I stole the moments

I stopped caring and became reclusive

I caged my words.


At age 15

Writing became my safe haven
Ink bled from my fingers

My words were all I thought

My soul stayed hidden between

the pages of my notebook along

with my words


At Age 20,

Growth and maturity paid a visit

They told me to let it all out

Not to bottle again

I did listen to them

I questioned the sanity of this boldness

I was lost and in reclusive

At age 25,

I was a victim of flirtatious abuse

It caused me to live my life

hidden from the world

through total lack of confidence

I’d lacked throughout my life; no one there to comfort me words of encouragement.

A stranger reached out to this lonely soul

He was there to answer all my prayers

My faith never rekindled from dwindling

I was lost because I let myself go

If there was anything I learned, it was that my words

are mine and mine only

©June 2019

13 responses to “Silent Reflections”

  1. At age 8 I was sexual abused by my own blood
    At 9 I was abused by my own blood.
    @10 I learnt to fight
    @14 I tasted rejection @ 17 I was raped by a family friend @21 I was raped by a panelist @22 I began healing

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