Throwing of birthday parties aren’t really my thing but honestly, I’ll be overwhelmed if someone could spoil me silly and give me a treat on my birthday. Lol…

Years back, at school, on every 4th September, I will have my birthday at the sea side (my favorite place) enjoying the breeze and plan for the coming years. I usually do a self- reflection analysis a lot and try to redirect my thinking. I will always choose the beach side.

I never really had time to do my own “let’s sit eat and drink birthday kind of thing”. Days prior, I will remember, and brush it off like any ordinary day.
To me, September, will always remain significant. Not because it’s my birth month, but I share the same birth month with most of my close friends and family relations and we just click like something.

Yesterday was not planned, it wasn’t even on my basket list. I woke up by God’s grace with 3rd September plans in mind for 4th September.

Meeting with a panel for an intensive orientation.

Shopping for some clothes and shoes for work.

Going to Bojo Beach Resort with the “Trio”

Going to church for a Debate Competition.

Watching movies in the evening at home and reading goodwill messages from friends and families.

This was like a rough sketch of how my 2019 birthday was going to look like.

Oh I had plans
I really thought I had this week figured out but… this scripture has been screaming at me for the past few years,

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand”. Proverbs 19:21 ESV

I didn’t plan on staying in bed for some hours before setting out for my trip.

I didn’t really plan on preparing for a debate competition and postponing my dates.

Friends at the Nsawam Road church of Christ

I didn’t really plan on getting home exhausted and finally going to bed. Nope that was certainly not part of the plan!

Your wishes reminded me I have a family and friends who support and will be there for me; regardless. I love you guys so much and God bless you for all your wishes.


13 thoughts on “HOW IT ALL WENT DOWN.

  1. Awww…it wasn’t planned that way but that was definitely God’s intent coming to play. Glad you had an awesome time regardless.
    Akosua (your twinnie😍😊)


  2. Indeed, it is His will that will stand. He has been awesome and will continue to be. I for one had nothing planned yesterday. It was full of love and affection. I did plan a gift for myself tho, an experience I look forward to later this month. Still make time to treat your self nice, the whole month belongs to us.
    Happy birthday once again.

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