Who is She? – My WCW!

Hello Everyone…

I know I have been quiet for some months now. Let’s just say, I have been a bit preoccupied with work and some other fun activities. However, I am back after this long period of silence.

I was going through a phase I did not want to talk about(healing process) but thankfully God came through for me all the time!

I wish I could send out hugs to everyone, I have really missed you all.

Now, now… What do we have today? Today is Wednesday and I want to flaunt my Woman Crush for the world to know and appreciate her!

Guys, chill okay, Wednesdays are for the Women only.

Naa Oyoo Quartey stands out from the lot! Check out her social media handles yet?

She is an old student of Mfantsiman Girls High School. And completed her first degree at the University of Ghana Business School in banking and finance. She did a few internships at Barclays and realised the bank environment wasn’t her thing. She had to ran.

Her first job was in the oil and gas industry. She worked in the health and safety department for six years in several roles gaining training along the way. Her career in that ended in 2015.

She grew an interest in social media when she started blogging in 2011. She took several courses, attended virtual conferences and beefed up her knowledge in social media marketing. Which is interesting as she actually studied CIM some years back. She use Instagram a lot to market and promote her works and her street photography..

I love the fact that she dresses in a simple but a more attractive way. Not much of a fan of Make-up and other artificial looks! She nails it at every occasion. Her dresses suits the type of occasions too. Mostly in braids, heels are her kinda thing!

Her way of speaking in a calm manner gets me. She loves to read, travel, read books and blogs about everything. She is down to earth and motivates people with her write up’s. She founded an African print crafts online business RootsbyNaa which was awarded Innovation Hero by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. This further saw her featured by Google Africa Connected.

She has always been a self-starter for as long as she can remember. Starting One Baobab was her idea to help Ghanaian businesses in their social media marketing in which Ghana is dwelling in its early growth stage.

Her love for Waakye and Beans with plantain! She loves listening to Radio and cooking can’t be taken out of her schedule!

She loves God first. Her hobbies range from photography, cooking and eating good food, trying out new things especially where food and crafts are concerned. She loves to travel. There’s so much to see! She loves dogs and cats. The beach is her place of solace and regeneration. She loves blockbusters!

You can contact Naa Oyoo Quartey on Twitter and Facebook.

Follow Naa on:


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