A Reason To Respond To Positive Vibes Only.

Welcome to 2020 my loves.

Self-improvement is key!

Whosh it’s been awhile!

I missed you too and I am sorry for the long silence.

I am in the best of moods right now because my 2019 came to a stand still and I had the best of times last year! All the things I wanted to do, I did, the best of places, I visited. I made the best of acquaintances. 2020 is unplanned and I have less expectations. We just have to believe in God’s plans…

My ranting is over now. 😂

The affirmative answer will go a long way to take your happiness. For some time now, responding to “yes” seems easy for me. Even though I sometimes feel the pain in my chest, I will have to respond affirmatively so people are happy. It’s as if the negative answer ‘No’, wasn’t in my good-books. Now I am just thinking aloud, “Maybe, akosua, just maybe- if you could respond negatively, you’d have gained a lot. I felt stupid. Maybe I am stupid.

1 Be a risk Taker!

The real Deal!

Cousin Barbs: Just go and tell ’em you want this!

Me: Are you sure about me doing this?

Somehow, I’ll prefer not to take the risk of doing something and losing out. I’ll probably never forgive myself if it goes wrong. Sometime ago, in my pursuit of finding the right career, I’d take sides. So having paid a huge amount of money that could buy a new phone or a new laptop which I have always dreamt of, I had to risk it to a Venture. Months passed, I felt stupid and lost faith. I blamed myself, for having put up with this “gamble” of a game!

Geezzzz, I had to compose myself and talk to my inner spirit.

Girl, sh** happens in life and you’ve got to brace yourself to take more risk in the future”

Some one did say this in passing… risk taking adds flavor and spice to everyday’s life. It’s like “an immune booster”

It’s like climbing a rooftop without a ladder (ridiculous huh?) chances are that, you will either lose or win in this game! Life itself is a risk; so why not take the chance.

You can’t learn anything worthwhile whiles playing it safe all the time. Let yourself go. I didn’t die when I told him I was crushing hard…did I? Love unrequited! A negative response was given and I read in between the lines!funny story, but I grew into thoughts of taking chances and risking it.

You want to further your studies but you are in doubts of the financial situation currently? Remember I said, “Sh**” does happens in life. Go ahead… Forget about who is going to pay that huge amount and apply already! Things always work out in the end. When we face the things we fear most, we later realize there was nothing to fear in the first place.

2. Can we start saving?

This isn’t my biggest challenge! I actually learnt how to do this back in High school. Along the line, I felt it was pointless saving. After Uni, Mum stopped giving out. I felt shy asking for money to buy basic stuff I needed. The pressure was real hard! The hustle should begin!

Open an account with any good bank, get an ATM card for yourself, Learn to put some money away, learn not to touch it. Save as much as you could. It shouldn’t be necessarily a huge amount. Start small but don’t stop it. little bits of money put away will soon be big enough to be invested in a venture that could bring reasonable results.

3. Learn more

Last year, I realized there’s a lot of things I thought I knew but Lo, I could be said a “Tabula rasa”. I knew I had to read, learn more and gain knowledge. Not to Kowtow-

Just take my phone for two minutes and you’ll get to know there’s nothing interesting on it. Of course, the “Whatssap, instagram and WordPress” app keeps me busy with a boring lecture. What about the need to scroll up and down looking at my favorite images and smiling- Narcissistic? I wouldn’t say I am.

Could it be that we are not making good use of the social media apps? A friend is on twitter 24/7 and finds the need of scrolling through to read about the daily happenings and trending stories. It’s knowledge! Can this year be my year of finding facts and evidence? Not having “boring” explanations to every argument…

4. Hipsy- they call me.

Be in shape. Take care of the body. It’s all you have. People will leave your life but your body won’t leave you. It’s the only thing that’s going to be with you till your last breath. So why don’t you spend some time to care for this friend?

I’m not consistent with this. But I find it pleasurable when they stare and call me “hipsy”.

Hip squats

Of course… “The GA girl is naturally endowed with a curvy outlook” what’s her secret! Before I shower, I go round the field for sometime, do a few squats, make sure I smell of sweat! Squeezing of lime into water to bath, or an antiseptic (detrol) does the fragrance.

5. Be “Miss Sloane!”

A film by John Madden. An old movie (2016) written by Jonathan Perera. The protagonist, Jessica Chastain, starring as Hadeline Elizabeth Sloane, never gave a fu**k about life. Over thinking drains you as a person. We’re growing; we don’t have to give a loot about what people think about you and the way you run your life. It’s up to you to know your value in life and act wisely. People will say what they want to say but remember, you are the captain of this ship called “Your life”.

Once, I was lambasted because of miscommunication. I had to keep mute and compose myself about the whole situation. It’s called “maturity and self-respect” when you don’t succumb to opinions of others.

People will have their opinions as to how best you can run your life but it’s your life. Listen but take your own decisions. Don’t be forced to take decisions that don’t sit well with your spirit. Don’t allow people to live their lives through you. If they know how best to live a life, then they should live it. Be you and the best of you is always the goal.

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6 thoughts on “A Reason To Respond To Positive Vibes Only.

  1. Thanks girl….you’ve just reminded me to add “NO” to my list and to take more risk….as for the hipsy, will come for lesson 😃
    There’s truly life in NO🤓

    Liked by 1 person

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