This Match isn’t Heavenly Made!

Listen to this song before reading my poem.


Do you want me to continue a story that has no reality?
I’m certain this match you intend to create is not a heavenly made
Somehow, your flirty charisma managed to awaken my muse- a dead muse has been haunting
Now, I see myself stuttering all the time.

It’s like when I first met you;
my shyness wouldn’t let me be.
My tongue has left my mouth;
my hormones have betrayed me.
Adrenaline is reacting negatively,
and dopamine rarely makes any sense.

My tear glands are rather unleashed pouring out acidic tears on my cheeks:
tears that I didn’t budget for.
I should be ranting prayers for God’s perfect creation
But here I am second guessing myself
Lying to my hollow heart and being so hard on it for nothing
I must say, your charm is deceitful
Working together so hard on this weakling mind of mine
But just like an ordinary writer, I fall for this! “Peeves”

I am caught in the shadow of time:
I am drowned in fear:
fear of the daunting distance;
fear to live only with memories;
fear of the obvious unexpected.
Don’t think of me as a weakling,
I am only young, with a slippery mind.
Too many thoughts pace the path of my mind.

When will time heal this charm
When will geography close this particular Chapter?
I don’t want to have anything to do with you- isn’t this so simple to understand?
Can my writings make up for the warmth of your presence?
I am confused; I am concussed; I am helpless!
I have many questionable answers than answerable questions β€”
I’ll defer my questions until further notice.
I have been ranting and writing…or maybe my words are a waste to you. Communicating no message.

So let my emotions comfort me.
So stop playing games with my mind.
My emotions get a better part of me
I don’t need you to harden them
Need I say more? I’m patient to a fault!
I write and fail to speak like the way I write.
Isn’t that strange to you…

I am unencumbered by the vexatious songs of sinister birds:
Songs that reverberate that my wait for you is a wait in vain.
I’ve corked my ears to negative thoughts,
But God, be my witness- I have had enough of this Charade.
because I’m certain that this match isn’t heavenly made.

Poetry by : Poetessakosua

Image: Sandra Addo’s Gallery

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