I apologize…

Hey guys ♥️

Aunty Akosua, my name sake says I shouldn’t point out my weakness to people otherwise they will easily notice them. Rather than saying I’m not the chatty person, she urges me to say, “I’ll have to improve on my conversational skills”

I just post and go almost like this blogger and readers relationship is inanimate. In 2020, I actually had a lot of plans for this blog and I was so excited about it but it looks like those goals couldn’t even hit day one. I wanted to write a lot of articles and poems, share updates on real life experiences, lifestyle, career etc. I don’t blame my lack of ability to post anything for so long on myself only. Life takes part blame. There’s been a lot of paradigm shift. From academics, social life, family and my entirety in Christ. This year I’ve grown so much and I’m appreciative of it because I can’t recognize who I was years ago (honestly).

I can’t express my feelings except to say; I’m really sorry.

I’m trusting the entire journey. So basically I’m here to apologize to my readers 😢💚💙💜. For being absent even though you absolutely love my poems and being disconnected from this lovely relationship of ours. I do hope I can make amends so we can fall in love with this blog once again. This an apology of sorts, a lame one, I know but thank you for taking time to read 💚 . Thank you Dr. for pushing me to come back. I absolutely appreciate it.

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