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Running away from my fears.

Chapter 4 of “When i spotted him…”

Happy friday, my loves, and welcome to the blog of the year (yes! We’re claiming already).

Today, we’re on chapter 4 of W.I.S.H the best series on PoetessAkosua .com Some have been waiting for this chapter; whether or not Akosua will give up on Kay in Chapter 3 Question is, how many men will give up on their “dream ladies”?

This was inevitable; we both know this. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster if I must say so myself, and as fierce and stubborn as I prove to be, it’s tough to say ‘the end.’

Read Chapter 3 of when I spotted him here



He looked so good, like he did the first time I laid eyes on him, like he always did. His big winsome eyes that would stare down on me whenever I hugged him like he saw me a little sister. And so many times I fantasied being with him and writing about him in his presence.

Hmm… so many times I tried to end this story of my life and I tried to stop this muse of mine that kept haunting me to stop day dreaming of something that is non-existent. And any time I tried so hard, a little voice kept telling me to run away from my fears and that could only be the solution to cure this sickness.

How long can I keep running?


If this is meant to happen, it would have happened long time without me having to put so much effort, and time.

There were days I felt I was pitied and mocked at behind closed doors.
Ever felt you are not loved by someone you thought felt the same way about you and you finally got to realize they were just consoling you. This is indeed a struggle many ladies go through. I kept holding back, holding back and wishing one day he will spit out those three words already. Days I sat in a cab together with him and none uttered a word to each other. It was depressing- I got home and not even a call or text to find out whether or not

Akosua got home safe?

My instincts told me

Charley, these signs clearly shows dude isn’t into you. You better stop wasting your time and move on with your life.

Someone said this in passing, sometimes, time is all we need to heal us and to do the talking for us. Yes, time, time, time is what I need, to do the healing. However, I considered running away from my fears, being a cowardice and changing an environment. Frankly, I needed a change of environment, a social media break and some kind of psyching. That will help me grow into thoughts and understand that once someone isn’t into you, no matter what, you shouldn’t force feelings.

All social media apps, that could track my whereabouts failed and none knew where I was including my crush failed too.

I grew into thoughts of not sensing the “I miss you too” the ones we say without meaning it like we really do. No calls or recorded calls to hear his soothing voice and no text messages to re-read over again. It somehow did work out in my favor. But history will once be told that a lady wrote a poem proposing indirectly to a guy who had no interest in or whatsoever and society will always laugh and mock over it…

The story still continues…Wait for the 5th Chapter of “When I Spotted him…”


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In case you missed Chapter 3, view the link here 👇👇👇👇👇



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