Lockdown Challenge #Day 7!♥️

Hello guys!

It’s the first day of the week. And we are still battling with the pandemic. I’m pretty sure and know that God is with his people and just like his words says, he will never leave us nor forsake us! We’re in this together as a country and we will surely overcome it!✌

He knew and formed us! He created us so we should be creative thinkers!

Lockdown challenge is getting better each day! I’m sure you are creating something extraordinary and unique to show the world! Yasssss…that is the spirit!

Today is sunday, not much to do after service at home, family time with my extended crew😁.

So here is a scenario or an assumption! Or are you in one yourself?

So i love my readers and those who try to read some of my pieces even on a busy day. Your inputs and critiques have been tremendous! I appreciate. I decided to engage us in a “Relationship Talk” this evening!

Quick question

A man who works in Tamale marries from Akosombo. The woman works in Akosombo and loves working there in a cooporate world.

After their marriage, the couple is in a delimma as to who should compromise and come live over. The woman loves working at Akosombo and the man loves working at Tamale!

What will you do if you were the woman?

Lockdown challenge 7

Let’s read answers from our Readers!

Jemy: I hate assumptions. Well, depending on their jobs, if it’s possible for one of them to seek transfer to join the other why not
They knew this before deciding to marry. So they should have put all the necessary measures in place
Well if it’s not possible to be at one place, one party can move to the other over the weekends

Efya: Please the woman has to join her husband no two ways about that. And she doesn’t have any special reasons to stay there and also love is about sacrifice so she should move pls.

Qwesi: look for another work in Akosombo or closer. Untile then i will be traveling every weekend if i can to see her and go back to tamale after. during my leave days i will come to akosombo.

Doris: if it a work that will demand my input and make me happy, i will stick married to him and visit on weekends. On the contrary, if it is the opposite, i will sacrifice.

Iggy: It’s all about the paper, if she earns more, I’ll compromise
Exactly, the point is making live better, so no need for self centered projections
But you need to salvage your relationship.. If we working farther apart wouldn’t jeopardize our marriage, fine.

Fred: He should do whatever the woman says because he’s not serious. He should have solved this before marrying
Now de3 itz damage control. If none of dem wishes to move, dey should just settle for a long distance marriage
Till one decides to move.

Wissy: Let’s come halfway to kumasi🤣🤣🤣
We’ll come to Nsawam🤣🤣🤣🤣
On a more serious note, we can always talk about it. Personally, I don’t intend to be married and live single😅
So, if I can come close to my wide, why not…there’s always a way out.

May: To me, they should run shift since none of them is willing to
The woman goes to the man’s place for sometime, then vice versa.

Dave: First of all before he went to marry he knew there would be issues.
Secondly, he can’t possibly convince his wife to move because women become comfortable and don’t want to move

Thirdly, he will have to choose what he loves more his job or his wife

If I were the man I’d just look for a job in or close to Akosombo to be closer to my wife
😂😂😂😂😂me too on there ooo

Ace: This should have been resolved even before the marriage took place. However, I’ll examine the chances of employment at Akosombo or Accra before deciding to move.
Ah. You’re getting married, you have to discuss where ya’ll going to live together after marriage. You don’t wait after marriage.
Then we’ll both live at our separate places and visit weekends Every decision in this scenario is going to be a tough one 🤷🏼‍♂️

Doris 2: Because l love my husband,l will join him at tamale.

Little cuz: Story of my life. Share the answers with me😁
I would have been married by now if I had an answer
Its easier to say that you will both visit when you take your leave and during holidays
Maintain constant communication. Take transfer when kids come into the picture

Think hard! Make a good choice!

Prisy: The man should join me if he loves me
And the work the man does was not stated
If the man’s work fetch more money than mine then joining him won’t be bad.

Jen: They should decide and visit each other on weekends.
Or better still ,the man should opt for a transfer to join the woman at Akosombo since that place is quite of a city than tamale.

Kusi: Interesting analogy 😊😊🤔🤔

Aaron: This is really dicey issue. In the first place this should have been discussed by the couple before marriage.
And in this case there has to be a compromise by one party.
Now it will easy for the woman to move because her profession is always on high demand, she will easily get a hospital to work in.
For the man it depend the type of work he is into. He he is self employed then he can move his job the lady’s place but if not it will be difficult to get another job quickly.

Now my submission I personally think the lady should move to join the man because even with our normal church system when you marry you leave your church and join your husband it only in some few cases that the don’t do that.
So they should apply that to this situation.

So the lady should move and join the man🙏🏽

Kae runner: his is a difficult question to answer
But since the man has become head of the family, the woman has to compromise and go along with the man to Tamale…
Tho it will be difficult for the woman but with time she will be ok.

Kwame: if my company have a branch at Akosombo I will take a transfer
But if not cmon she is a nurse she can be transferred anywhere.

Boom!♥️😂😂 interesting answers i must say. What do you also think about this scenario? Going through this same situation? Share your thoughts with me… I would love to hear them!

Keep safe!

Happy sunday♥️

8 responses to “Lockdown Challenge #Day 7!♥️”

  1. Dear Akosua,

    First of all, why not the man? I ask because it looks like it’s always the woman who is being looked up to in making sacrifices in relationships.
    Since the marriage is complete, it’s in the interest of the couple to discuss the way forward taking into consideration the financial implications Inherent in the movement
    At this point, the lady’s movement to join her husband is a necessary evil. This when done will in a way guarantee them the happiness seeing your partner always comes with. This happiness surpasses all other things therefore I suggest the woman should move.
    Resolution of issues that comes with woman’s movement will be done as and when they arise.
    Place of stay should always be agreed on before taking the bold step to get married.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmm
      Very tough decision for the corporate woman to do.
      Honestly, in my case, i’ll look for another alternative rather than moving. Having toiled and for the look of things, i love my Job and i love to work! Moving might implicate things for me.


  2. Nice piece there, dearie. They should have agreed on it before walking the aisle, but since they refused to do that and are now in a dilemma, let me leave them in their state of confusion. Who am I, a poor boy of yesterday to tell the woman what to do? Hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hmmm, this life we live. Buh sometimes we create our own dilemma wen we let these issues fester without tendering to them all in the name of love.

    Keep on being wonderful our dear pretty writer.

    Liked by 1 person

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