Lockdown Challenge #Day 8😍

Making an effort to attain progress is key!


Wondering what today’s post is about? Try not to think too hard. I’ll definately engage you soon with Day 8 challenge!

Who misses going for weddings and christening? Not to talk about parties and church activities?

The pandemic has really put a halt on all these i guess. Guess what i miss most?

My first β€˜victim’ was Kwesi Asamoah β€“ a Professional Photographer. I met Kwesi somewhere 2019, if my memory could set me right through a friend! Just a quick confession- he has since been my favourite photographer apart from Selagraphy and Reflex images.

“Corona” won’t allow me to take a sneak peek at what he loves doing, take shots for my upcoming birthday party i plan on throwing this year, so i decided to interview him online!

Interview start at 5p.m today after Dinner.

Akosua: Tell me about the Face of Lit Moment and how he started?

Kwesi: I am Norbert Twum-Kwafo, but you know me as Kwasi Asamoah, I am 28, graduated knust in 2015 with BA industrial art and major in Ceramics. I began my photography journey while in high school but I started to make it a business during my 2nd year at the University.
Lit Moments became official after my national service at Mfantsipim school, Cape Coast. I do photography, video production and graphic design all of which I thought myself to do through YouTube videos and assistance from some friends.

Akosua: Why the passion for photography?

Kwesi: I did visual arts in high school, and I always loved painting but I am not very good at it, so I developed the love for photography because it’s just like painting but this time you paint with light.
With the help of a camera.

Akosua: What was your family’s initial reaction when you started photography? Some parents don’t regard it as a lucreative job. How did they accept it?

Kwesi: My parents are very supportive of my work, they love what I do and try always to support in any way they can. But that wasn’t the case when I wanted to read visual art after JHS. My dad didn’t like that idea but he accepted it after seeing my progress in form one. And he even bought me my first camera when I was in form two.

Akosua: Why the Name Lit moments??

Kwesi: Lit Moments stands for the joyful memories that are made during celebrations which I capture. It also stands for the beautiful images I create.

Akosua: How would you rate photography in Ghana?
Is it well paid?

Kwesi: Yes, it’s OK, but just like any other busines you get paid according to your worth. So basically in Ghana if you invest more into your craft and people get to know your value they pay more for your work. But we have a lot to achieve, we will get there.

The face of Lit Moments- Kwesi Asamoah.

Akosua: How special and unique is your brand from others?
Like Selagraphy, Reflex Images, Robby Abbeaquye etc

Kwesi: Well, am still growing, I am constantly learning, we all make photos and videos but the difference is in the experience you live in the heart and mind of the client and the people you get into contact with.

Akosua: What has been one of your best moments?

Kwesi: My best moment has always been my first ever wedding when I started lit moments. It was basically a free job, and the best part of the whole thing is what the groome said to me after the event. He said “thank you Norbert, you are a great person not everyone will do what you have done, you don’t even know me, keep doing good.”
And we are in touch till date. I’ve had lot of good memories with every client but this is the one I hold dearly.

Lit moments

Akosua: Let’s talk about the pandemic and how it has affected people who move from place to place to work.
Photographers are no exceptional
How are you coping?

Kwesi: Yeah… the pandemic has really affected my work, you know before this pandemic I used to work almost every weekend, but now no there’s no work. All my April and May clients had to postpone or cancel so business is really down.
I am okay for now but I don’t think I will be okay if this continues for More than 3 months.

Best work of Lit Moments

Akosua: When you look back, at your life and career, what are you proud of?

Kwesi: The fact that i am doing what I love with all my heart and the people I have been able to help through my works. Things have not been perfect but I have no regrets. πŸ™‚

Lit moments- His works

Akosua: Is photography stressful?

Kwesi: Yes sometimes, mostly when you are dealing with a difficult client. But I enjoy it either ways.

Akosua: What are your price ranges? And how do you range it? Do you do a guess work?😁
Both indoor and outdoor locations.

Kwesi: Pricing mostly depends on lots of factors but I assure you that lit moments works well with everyone in any budget range, we believe that in life all are not equal but we serve every client equally with hardwork and love.

Kwesi shot this!

Akosua: Which is your favorite lens? Why?

Kwesi: πŸ˜„I love my 17-50mm sigma lens. It works great in all situations, weather am doing video or photography.

Akosua: How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

Kwesi: Most of the time I learn from youtube, but I I also have some friends who are very good so they critique my work and guide me as to what to do. Also I practice a lot.

Akosua: Any renowned photographer you looked up to when growing up?

Kwesi: Yes, I learnt a bit from Kwesi Asephua, he is a fashion photographer in Ghana, a very talented artist. And also Bob pixels, I followed his works on social media a lot, I love his work.

After the pandemic, i’m pretty sure, there will be lots of Christening, weddings, birthday parties, hangouts, etc…

Kindly contact Kwesi Asamoah via these social media handles:

Social media Instagram handle.
@kwasi_ _asamoah

Facebook handle
Norbert Twum Kwafo

Email address

0543470027, call and whatsapp

Some of Kwesi’s worksβ™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

Lit moments
Yaaas! Call him today for your beautiful images.
Beautiful Akosua

I love this! I hope you do too. Look no further for your beautiful images. Give him a call!β™₯️

21 thoughts on “Lockdown Challenge #Day 8😍

  1. This QnA is very formal … i like the choice of questions. And fantastic response. Norbert wish you all the best.πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ‘

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  2. Norbert is the most patient photographer we have ever encountered. His images lives a lasting impression. God bless u dearπŸ™πŸ½

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  3. This has been quite inspiring and has taught me that I can do anything I set my mind to. lt has also taught me that through determination and hardwork I’ll achieve success…well done Norbert. Keep being lit

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