Lockdown Challenge #Day 10😎

It was very peaceful and the whole area was somewhat or could be said a “ghost town” when i stepped out today. Lol…don’t get me wrong, i needed some cash today and i just needed to go to an ATM close by. The Mallam Junction i knew before, per my observation today was peaceful and less of human traffic plus traffic Jam too.

Mum was a bit worried though. But somehow, i needed my cash anyways. 🤷

Poco à poco, we’ll get there and fight this! We’re on the 10th Challenge guys… It’s been fun i must confess. And i am glad i keep reminding you “Time wasted can never be regained” through this challenge! It is never too late to create something worthwhile with the little time and days we’ve got. Remind yourself :

Finish creating? Add “wow” to it!😄😄

You are unique in your own way, even though this might sound a cliché to you. You can do better than your current state.

For some us, the pandemic would mean, Watching of movies, reading books, listening to music, playing of games, using social media to shake off boredom etc.

Gresham Machen says, “When any new fact enters the human mind it must proceed to make itself at home; it must proceed to introduce itself to the previous denizens of the house. That process of introduction of new facts is called thinking. And, contrary to what seems to be quite generally supposed, thinking cannot be avoided by the Christian man.”

Whether we are reflecting on a fact at any given moment or not, we are always thinking, and that thinking shapes us in a way.

So my question is “What are you watching currently?”

White Collar 2009, 6 seasons with almost 12-15 episodes. Though a very old movie, and you might probably not finding it interesting because it is not a “current trend” i will recommend White Collar to you; everyday and anyday!

Neal, a charming con artist, is finally caught by his nemesis, FBI agent Peter. But he teams up with Peter to assist the Feds in catching other elusive criminals in exchange for his freedom.

The swiftness, smartness and captivating characters in this drama series is one you will never miss out! Guys, this is no exaggeration; White Collar as Matt Bomber’s biggest input! It was phenomenal watching it and trust me full of suspense. I’m like “Oh wow…this is brilliance”

I’d love to know what you are also watching. Maybe recommend it to me😄

Remember to download White Collar. If you haven’t watched it yet. And if you are, engage me with a new series you are watching!

Be safe

Love you all. ♥️

9 responses to “Lockdown Challenge #Day 10😎”

  1. Well, well….I’m also killing boredom here with a not too old series….Game of Throne. Though I have watched the full 8 seasons already. Well, I guess that’s what boredom does…..will check White Collar out after this.

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  2. White Collar was a real beauty tbh……right now I’m dividing my time between Scorpion (4 seasons about 22 episodes each) and Blacklist (7 seasons 23 episodes each)
    Personally I’d recommend The Blacklist😀😀😀

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