“Hi there, tell me about yourself“🤷

The last time someone approched me with this sentence was somewhere late last year. Sincerely, i think he had wanted us to be friends. The kind of friendship which could probably lead to something huh…i presume that is what you are thinking.

Day 11!❤ See it to the end

But please don’t get me wrong here. Not all approach with that intention. There are some who just admire us from afar, and would like to be friends and nothing more!

When we first met, i never asked you this kind of question because i don’t want the kind of circle where you will ask me to tell you about myself, as though we were in an interview. One principle i have learnt in life is to “let things happen naturally” it works better that way.
If it is friendship, it should grow and blossom by itself,
One in which after getting to know each other better,
Our best parts glow and bad parts go low,
For some reasons, i kind of miss my circle of friends. It’s thursday guys! A little throwback at the unforgettable memories we created before the spread of this virus…

We think we have grown and for that matter do not have time for friends but that’s not true. Why? Because once you need help, once you feel lonely, once you need advice, once you need someone to share your happiness with, once you need a shoulder to cry on, you run back to those friends. Friends are like a life support if they are real.

My kind was in church. I fellowship with The Church of Christ. And not to say that i don’t have others outside the church though…

It was a natural flow!♥️

We aren’t always in touch, checking up on each other, bla bla bla… But when we meet, be sure to hear the sound of laughter, faces beaming with infectious smiles, planning of hangouts, sharing thoughts and ideas. It is always based on a friendship which doesn’t tear down, but rather builds up,
One in which there’s freedom to fool and
freedom to receive corrections for growth

The vibe! We don’t always see each other but when we do, it is magical

The kind of friendship that shouldn’t be the “i lead and you follow” it should surely make a positive impact and contribution in our lives.

We are in difficult times and connecting with each other on social media is much easier. Not to make times like this boring and killing the vibe we have already…

Ours shouldn’t be boring! Let’s fool 😂 together. The silly things makes the spice!

1. Have you tried video calling? If you haven’t, please do. Check up on your friends by video calling them. It is fun! It could be your circle.

2. Tried texting them during the day to check up on them? Or maybe send a funny comment? Remember them of old times? sending them cute messages?

I’m still siting with them!

3. Times like this would mean starting all over again. Did you have a little misunderstanding with them? forget about the intensity of the issue and how it aggrevated into something worse. Send that inspiring and motivating text or call to motivate them! A friend needs you now.

Let’s fight and talk again! That’s the kind i want

4. We should yearn for a friendship which never ends because we help each other be fulfilled. A friend needs an idea to complete a task! If you don’t call or text now, that idea will never come to fruition.

5. It should be that our contributions to each other’s life is engineered by the Holy Spirit Himself. Are your conversations all about hanging out and shopping? Are you leaving “The God-Factor” out of your lives?

Today’s post is a wake-up call to all of us. Tell your ego not to interfere in this. Let’s do this together…allow a natural flow for starters and check up on old pals regularly. You may never know where, when or how. Don’t lose them before you try to cry, check up or blame yourself of not doing the checking.

I just checked on a friend and sent a word of motivation. Have you done that now?❤

Every picture on this blog today is a reminder that your friends appreciate you and want the world to know how special you are. You can also mention your friends in the comment session and leave a message for them. Friendship is just as beautiful as you are.

I love and appreciate us!😍

#Be safe♥️

With Love,


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