Lockdown Challenge #Day 13πŸ’₯


The most simple things can make my day. Take for instance, a bottle of Red wine (non- alcoholic) please… and play me one of my favourite Soul or Rhythm and Blue (R&B) songs from the 1990’s.

Now, before i pen down a piece, my spirit should already be acclimatize to the environment that will bring out the flow of words…if not, i won’t gain that gratification i need. In so doing, MUSIC! Yes, MUSIC helps me. Basically, get all the “Boyz II Men, Lionel Richie, Barry White, Sam Cooke, Luther Vandross, Smokery, Robinson, Ray Charles, and my all time favourite! “Seal”πŸ˜„

Don’t get me wrong, i love Gospel too.. Joe Mettle has won my heart over the years. When my muse haunts me to write, serenity and any Soul music bring out the spark!

Call me “Old School“Colo” or whatever primitive name you would want to. But there is an undeniably fact and that is, Songs from the 1990’s are still the best and they still sound fresh.


A Guitarist too

Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel[3][4]Β  known professionally asΒ Seal, is a British musician, singer, and songwriter.[5]Β He has sold over 20 million records worldwide,[6]Β with his first international hit song, “Crazy“, released in 1991; his most celebrated song, “Kiss from a Rose“, was released in 1994. – Wikipedia.

The lyrics are not my main focus but his voice and the modulation in which he does it. He sings with passion. The music lovers will probably get a good description for Seal’s songs. It gets me you know…😁😁😁😁 and still does.

What is your all time favourite song? Tell me in the comment box and let’s have a chat.

Listen to Seal again.

9 thoughts on “Lockdown Challenge #Day 13πŸ’₯

  1. These guys are my favorites.. Lionel Richie, Julio Iglesias, Joe, Michael Bolton, Bryan Adams, Kenny Rogers and Phil Collins…. I love them 😘

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