Lockdown Challenge #Day14❤


First lap of the Lockdown Challenge ends today! I’m thrilled we did this together and i must say i enjoyed every bit of the challenge. Some days were unplanned and some were scheduled.

You should see me in person Lol… No o i haven’t gained weight. Lol… There were days i had to go to bed without food. I definately did not skip breakfast. Lunch and supper were sometimes missed. I sort to water, veggies and fruits only. I also love the Consistency in putting up a write-up for my readers everyday! The ideas were definately from God. He is the best poet who wrote me.

To my readers who have been supportive and constant readers, guys i appreaciate and love you all. I can’t mention names…but you know yourselves. Keep reading more on poetessakosua.wordpress.com

Today is sunday!!!! As usual, let’s get into Matters of the ❤Heart.

What is your view or Take on this!

Do you agree with this or Disagree?

Below are some of the views from our ardent readers.

Kwesi: Good evening Akosua. It’s not exactly the case. Many of them change. Marriage is quite different and it presents different situations not known in dating
We generally respond differently in marriage, but some degree of those habits may find its way subtly into marriage
I doubt if they’re hidden oo. Sometimes we either don’t see clearly or don’t pay enough attention to them
For instance some Akosua bi that I know won’t give you her Kenkey some. Like joke, like joke. She won’t even give you her drink some. Don’t be surprised if she holds back things in marriage, even when you need them badly as a husband.
Me I didn’t say anything oo

Kwame: It depends. When you marry, you’ll see for yourself. A lot are hidden. Just be ready 😃😂. Some habits come in later after you are married. That was never shown by either parties during the ‘dating’ phase.

Ace: Most true. Or could change.

Kwame 2: I agree on it
And it totally depends on the number of years dated.
But some people actually act differently in Borge years.

Jul: Human beings don’t change so there is no way habits and attitude will change☺️

May: Its most at times likely to he same or worse than it use to be
There is only 0.1% chances where attitudes and habits changes to be positive wen one gets married.

Dave: That’s true
Habits are basically learned patterns and they aren’t easy to get rid of. And with attitudes staying with someone usually shapes your attitude and relationship with them so yeah.
These two are likely to carry over into the early stages of marriage.

Fred: Yeah 94% possibility.

Dorkie❤: Depends on the parties involved…if you want to carry it to marriage, you will
Personally, I think it’s a conscious effort. On the contrary, the individual can decide to stop that habit or attitude if it’s not pleasant to the other. After all, these are learned and can be unlearned.

Jackline: I support the statement. Especially on the part of the ladies, they’d still require the attention given them during dating. With regards to habits, if you call your partner by a pet name during dating and courtship, there’s no doubt that the pet name will be taken to the marital home. On the other hand, when your guy pampers, helps, gives you attention and talks to you in a lovely manner, he takes that sweet care to the marital home too. Again, if you’re gf prefers home made food to fast food, that is taken to the marital home too; nonetheless, if your gf prefers fast food to home made food, that too is taken to the marital home.

In brief, I support the statement that we transfer our dating and courtship habits to the marital home.
There’s a saying in my language which means; you can’t stop what you’re used to and this is true about habits and attitude. It hardly, takes a lot to do away with them. My take.

Albert: I think it won’t be a problem, because by that time, they would be used to such attitudes and know how to tackle them. It helps the other partner in some sense….Maybe one sacrificed and developed a new habit just to make the other feel comfortable.

Eric: The choice of spouse is among the most important personal decisions most people ever make. While we can’t see into our romantic futures, the science of relationships does offer insight into the decision process. Exploring these findings can help suggest when the time is right, what partners should know in advance, what matters most in weighing the decision, and why we are drawn to the type of person we might spend the rest of our life with. But whether or not marriage makes sense ultimately depends on the characteristics of the individuals it would formally unite. Habit and attitudes should not be established during dating into marriage. Because after marriage things can change
Successful dating is not a destination, but rather it is a journey. This journey can either continue as marriage or friendship. God will bring the right person into your life at the right time. Always believe that! If they are not there, God isn’t finished yet.

Cassey: with me saying not all habits. Some people change certain habit after marriage.

Okyere: Lynn, attitudes change as we grow. So a person portray a character today and changes tomorrow. Let me give you an example
*A Lady in a relationship may work very hard to put a man’s home in order to prove that she is a married material. *A man, likewise, will go extral mile to provide for a Lady to prove (or if you like to show) that he is responsible and cares. But immediately they get married, then they begin to show their true colours.
Lynn dear, we’re living in a pretentious world. A lot of people are living fake lifestyles, pretending to be who they are not.So when they finally settle down, then reality sets in. Then follows disappointment and regret..
However, there are few people who are genuine in character. Regrettably, such people normally do not meet good people. It’s very possible Lynn. But remember, trust once lost, is very difficult to regain. You can change only if your partner accepts you with your flaws. Sometimes before you start to reform, the marriage has already collapse. What I’m trying to say is that as much as possible, let people love you for who you really are. Because if you pretend to be who you are not with the aim of getting someone to love you, it’s very disastrous. People can go to extent of borrowing cars, money, clothes, accessories, etc, just to impress a partner. It’s serious oo dear
If you know what people do for love errr. …
So Lynn, genuine attitudes carried over into marriages is commendable. But I the attitude is bad or fake, then I will advice that the person changes before they tide the not. However, if you really love your partner, accept him or her with his/her flaws and help reform the person Time changes everything. With the right attitude, advice, love, guidance and encouragement, you can change a person. Lynn, sometimes err, the good in you could change somebody without your notice
😃😃😃I’m not a counsellor

Andy: Individual differences oooo
Some marry n grow up n some marry and still be in dating style.

Interesting views from our readers. What do you also think of the above statement? Do you agree or disagree?

Let’s hear your views in the comment box below.. Have a good read of our readers and share your thoughts too.

First lap over!!💥💥💥 We did it!

As usual, please stay home! Take precautionary measures serious! Do check up on family and friends online 😍

2 responses to “Lockdown Challenge #Day14❤”

  1. I also think dating and marriage are two different things all together, the fun and ease in dating are usually minimized due to new responsibilities and children and other matters arising !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. They are?
    I think the only difference is when children set in. But honestly, the same attitude one puts up in the dating process manifests in the marriage. It is minimal in some cases.

    I agree with Kwame on the point he made.


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