THE ESCAPE – Gomoa Wonderland.

Science says that we seek out nature not only for our physical survival and growth, but because nature is good for our personal and social well-being.

As part my plans to make the most out of a day and reconnect with nature, a thoughtful idea came up. I just had to obey my instincts on that. Three different places, activities and ideas came in mind. My week days after the Covid-19 Lockdown is so packed. Tell you what, I barely have enough time for sleep and taking myself out like I do. My kind of fun may not be as interesting and wild as others would have it.

Judging from my personality and perspective in life, I have come to realize that doing you and what makes you happy is paramount.Things I am always down for and no questions asked:

1. Road Trips Hot coffee and a good conversation Music Shoppings. Food- not just any. (Kenkey) Breakfast for Dinner Naps

Ask me to join you on a Road Trip to a far away land and I will gladly embrace such opportunity.The weekend ended with me booking a tent to sleep under the skies. Crazy as the idea sounds, gave me a little fright!

Gomoa Wonderland is the place to reconnect with nature and people as well. The wonderland is located at Gomoa Eduafo. A 30 minutes drive after Kasoa.

After speaking with Kwabena Oppon Kusi,(an organizer), and booking my tent, I had to pack few items for my weekend trip to this serenity. Surprisingly, I didn’t have difficulties with locating the place. I guess it’s because I’m close by.

On Friday around 4p.m after close of work, I had set off and unpacked in anticipation of the activities lined up for us(myself and other campers I didn’t even know).

I’m that young lady who loves shopping, but I would rather travel the world in one t-shirt than sit in my room and shop for clothes from all over the world.

Boy Oh Boy!

I love to travel.

I follow travel blogs,travel accounts on Facebook and on Instagram.

Seeing people share different stories from all over the world stirs up a lot of excitement in my heart especially from Africa because it is such a beautiful continent.I’m pretty sure you will love to experience the floating jetty with detachable raft. This looks scary but trust me it’s fun; when you lie on the Jetty and observe the serene nature or the man-made lake.

Lounging in the tent under the skies was actually my first time and a wonderful experience.I had booked the tent and a slot for myself before the weekend. Interacting with some of the organizers made me realize this event.The escape started not too long ago and it’s an event done every last weekend of every month. The motive is to bring people together to experience another beautiful serenity in the Central Region.

The lake, which could be said a natural one isn’t so. Rather,it turned out to be a man-made lake. The dame as most call it, has a beautiful view and around it is the Bamboo Grove.

Take me back to secondary school days when fun-fairs, excursions and “Inter-co” was the joy that brought most people from different schools together as a form of socialization. We can’t forget times of indoor and outdoor games too.

Personally, having a lot of fun like people do, is not in my good books. However, connecting with nature and enjoying the breeze of the sea makes me happy. As a blogger, doing this ignites a refreshing spirit in me to carry on for the rest of the days ahead!

Call me a Scrabble lover and a lover of some Ghanaian board games like Ludu, oware and playing of “Jamies-to-you” (Cards).The fun didn’t end there. On Saturday evening, there was a bonfire night. Coupled with Jungle Rave at the Bamboo Grove. This was done with most people singing to Ghanaian songs, dancing and sitting close to the fire. It was a sight to behold- trust me.

Food was so not a problem for us. The organizers made them available and none had a problem with the kind they provided for us. Breakfast, lunch, and supper was just perfect!Ask Teggtag about the wonderland Coconut mixes!!!

Couldn’t get enough of everything the wonderland had.You should join me next time on this road trip to if not another place of serenity, then in September, we will go back to the Wonderland and make it a “Ritual” Retreat!

Gomoa Wonderland!☺️

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