…And just like Adele, I keep writing after every encounter. I wonder the strength I get to put my thoughts down.

Listen to this song first before reading this poem. (https://youtu.be/U3ASj1L6_sY ) 👈👈👈👈

Silly me!

Yes, Silly me!

I remember vividly telling this hollow heart of mine never to awaken
This grotesque of emotions I struggle to decipher
Here I am now reliving it and throwing tantrums at Love
The only essence my heart still beats for you

How I wish I could tell this heart to stop
Did love ask me to make myself a fool?
Or mine wasn’t enough to debunk the cliche of wise men about love?
Did love ask me to day-dream about the impossible
To leave my heart as a remnant of questions whose answers you have in store?

Yet I still wonder the patience I get just to hold on

We’ve been at this for far too long
Can you just tell me what my itching ears need to know already
You can’t deny you have the left piece
Of our right to peace in the heart

I feel starved
When you touched me
I felt alive and a woman
I felt alive and yours
I felt alive and wished it was forever in your arms
However, love thrives on wills rather than on wishes.

You’re the reason I update my timeline with strange insignificant messages I wouldn’t budge to read on a regular day
You’re the heavy traffic on a Monday morning, you piss me off a lot.
Yet I still wonder the patience I get just to hold on

On Tuesdays at prayer meetings, when my eyes are closed, I sense your presence and your image pops up a lot.
You make me break the very first and second commandments of God
I know He’s a jealous God but I can’t help it

You’re the laughter at a weak joke I have with my girlfriends every Wednesday evenings You brighten my day. You’re my shade on a rainy day,
you have my back dry.
You’re the bank alert on a bad day, you lit my soul
You do

Please do not hold back from me the very support I need for life.
It may sound unrealistic to you
But even if I could survive a day without you
I want to still live it with you
Let’s make it sound realistic
I’m tired of imaginations and poetic license
I’m tired of rhyming words that have no answers.

Just look me straight in the eye
Stand before pupils who can’t lie about the light of love you shine on me
Sometimes all I want to do is lay next to you
And listen to the beat of your heart
I just want to close my eyes
And fall asleep in your arms whenever I find it hard sleeping
I just want to feel you inside me and forget about the world and its cares

Even if you couldn’t give me all that my heart seeks
I pray thee grant thy maiden with the sanity of a heart to love again

Poetessakosua & Wisdom knot

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