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Blogtober Challenge 2020.

Challenge 1

Today, I give a shout out to all my readers in Ghana, United States, South Africa, Ukraine, United Kingdom and India. I have had the most readers from these countries this year and I am thankful.

Frankly, you are the reason I grab my phone to type my thoughts on issues and other matters even when I don’t feel like doing it. I actually love that you enjoy most of the post I publish here. Thank you for sticking with me in this blogging journey.

Months ago, we were stuck and everything- Jobs, schools, church, daily activities including the fun part of our lives as humans were halted. Serious as it looks like, it gave a lot of people ideas and new strategies as to what they can do to make life fun again. I took a break from work and had to travel back to Accra to observe the Lockdown. Jaded is just an understatement of how I felt.

All I did was devise my own means to shake off boredom till the Lockdown was over. Introvert as I am, (Mind you I am not saying I prefer this kind of life. I am just okay with enjoying my own company for some time. I am much productive this way) I had to plan and prepare a schedule that could mean I can still have fun while at home and adding some value to my life.

I am a firm believer of this, “Life is all about learning, relearning and unlearning”. The Lockdown was certainly the right time to do that. I did that with the help of a challenge thrown to me by a friend. You can read about how my Lockdown diaries went on here .

It’s a new month. Things are gradually going back to normalcy and we are back to work and still observing the measures put in place to avoid Covid-19. By the grace of God, I am alive and ready to wow you with something exciting and intriguing.
The “blogtober challenge is a yearly challenge for African Content Creators that occurs in October. This is my first time participating in the challenge. This challenge is my escape from weary moments that may pop up. This challenge will mean I should produce contents for my cherished readers, engage my fellow bloggers, discover and find myself, and finally find more ideas with this beautiful gift.

This month looks a little different because I have set myself a couple of blogging goals and a number of things I would like to achieve by the end in the end. Apparently, a fellow blogger, Marietta MarieNoel Grant enjoyed my post on the lockdown diaries and threw the blogtober challenge to me. As usual, i asked influence my small circle to join me in this. Please check out these two Dave the blogger and Elixagyare blogs for exciting and great contents as we keep you posted on our very first blogtober challenge.

Happy new month to us all and please stay here for more on the blogtober Challenge Series from Poetess Akosua.

Are you participating in Blogtober this year or anything similar?

If you are let me know and leave your blogs in the comments I want to read them all!!



17 responses to “BLOGTOBER IS HERE!”

    • So *October* is a writing Challenge. *BLOGTOBER*

      If any of you is interested, follow these instructions.

      1. *Download a WordPress app*

      2. *Customize the App*

      3. *Send me a link to your site*

      4. *Then I will send you specific topics and suggested topics from the organizers*

      5. *Writing of articles, poems, etc starts from 1st-31st October*

      6. *Flyers will be sent out for participants to use for every Article*

      Note : For every article, kindly send to for proofreading and Editing.

      “Promoting a Good Reading Culture in Africa”


  1. As well as participating myself, I will use the month to discover new writing I was unaware of. And it’s a pleasure to find this blog. Greetings from the UK 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anna, the pleasure is all mine. Exactly ☺️ I think it’s a very good idea to discover new writings too so that bloggers will find it pleasurable and learn from you.

      Also, please keep lurking on my blog for more exciting pieces and experiences.

      Greetings from Ghana too😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

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