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It’s nice telling people who are doing well in their field or who inspire you, “I love what you do and I am a huge fan of you”. Today, the 7th Day of the blogtober challenge requires that I write about 4 bloggers(local or international) who are my favorite. I’m just a budding writer who is eager to learn from other good writers. I’m open to new ideas and I’d appreciate it a lot if writers would take it upon themselves to coach budding writers like myself, It would certainly mean a lot to us!

Life of a Writer. Pixabay

I follow a lot of blogs(hundreds) I must say. This I do to help me discover my own style of writing, appreciate bloggers and become better with each write-up I deliver. Frequently, I scroll through WordPress and bloglovin and only click the posts that interest me.

The bloggers below are the ones of whom I click on, each time they post. I call them “TEAM GHANA JOLLOF”(forgive me, I didn’t mean to whet your appetite this evening by the mere mention of “JOLLOF” but for the sake of these writers, kindly allow me to). They never leave me hanging and they certainly make blog world better for me. The best bloggers that keep me blogging. So I want to say, “Thank you for all that you do. Please know that there is always someone here who is not only feasting her eyes on your blog but in anticipation to read your best post. So keep inking”.

Mrs R! 💜

1. Maukeni Padiki Kodjo, now Mrs Maukeni Ribeiro, is one of my favorite. I encountered Keni at the Women’s Right Write (a writing Seminar) in 2017 at the University of Ghana, Legon. The seminar was an educative one organized by Rubbytalks in collaboration with 2eweboys on the theme, “Rewriting the Narrative About Ghanaian Women through literature”. After listening attentively to Keni’s pieces, I soliloquized, “Ei wei de3 y3 w)writers mu writers” To wit, “we really have writers in Ghana” This is not just an ordinary person. But one that will wow the critics to the core. (I’m not exaggerating). She was once adjudged the best blogger of the Ghana blogging and Social Media awards organized by Blogging Ghana Keni’s appearance on stage is friendly; no wonder she is a September baby 💜. You can visit her blog for amazing stories on www. for more spicy ingredients and join her Telegram channel for more Kenikodjo.

2. As a writer, I know first-hand the need of having faithful readers lurking around your blog post and waiting patiently for your next post any time soon. I must confess that being part of the Heaven-Inspired Theatre team at Nrcoc made me witness how many admire Dr Michael Osei Agyapong who writes as Kwasi ‘Sei.

Kwasi ‘Sei

Though I believe in my ability to give you a best perspective of his writing style, I am quick to admit that I am not sure I will do as much justice to it as I would want to. He calls himself the creator and Purveyor of Snappy Stories.He is the winner of the Ananse Prize for Literature at the Ghana Writers’ Awards, 2016. Currently, he juggles writing and working as a Medical Doctor. He has staged some christian drama(s). One of which I helped as a stage manager at the Nrcoc. Kindly visit his blog eyestouchedbydew for more interesting read.

3. Her most recent post “You failed? so what, try again”. left me spell-bound. Josephine Amoako leaves me craving for more. I’m pretty sure most varied demographics also can’t wait for her weekly blog post. Visit her blog Joseyphina’s World and you will find interesting interactions, short stories, social issues and above all, christian literature. It was fascinating to see her read her articles during the Women’s Right Write Seminar.


4. Unvieling him would mean writing a whole thesis about who he is and his impeccable style. I have so much respect for Eric Korankye Nuamah. In terms of writing and editorial work, he is one of the best I have ever come across.

Eric Korankye Nuamah

Personally, I worked under his tutelage during my National Service days at Parliament of Ghana. His wise counsel and guidance in terms of writing cannot be overemphasized. He is a Pro! I’m humbled to have learnt from his ways and I’m a huge fan. I encouraged myself to stay quiet in monitoring his post and learning on the low from afar, from his Before Breakfast Lessons to the end because I was bent on developing my writing skills. Visit his blog korankyenuamaheric’sblog for great pieces.



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