Buka restaurant gave us a real and refreshing treat yesterday! 💜

I know I have kept all of my ardent readers in a dark. My last blog post on a blogtober writing challenge which was uncompleted because of my schedule. In the month of October, I set out with my Writers’ group on a writing challenge and somehow I fell off the track together with a few others. Kudos to Dave for completing the task!

December is approaching real fast and unlike some of you, I will still be on the 8a.m to 5p.m schedule except for weekends. Those who know me very well, know I don’t joke with my weekends and my small circle. It should be lit and I should decide the vibe. This actually makes me happy. I mean who won’t jump to the thought of “weekending” with favorite people. I have been to places, tried foods, been on road trips to far and near places but BUKA RESTAURANT got me spell-bound.

My sisters 💜

My sisters (friends who became family), decided to try something different than the usual this year. After several postponement of weekends and uncertainty of where and when to go, we finally settled on this enchantment. Thank God for my beeping schedule always reminding me of my meetings and activities ahead of time. I would have missed this one. Personally, I like to plan ahead and get things done beforehand so I met all deadlines and set out to prepare for 28th November with Dorkie and Abena. I traveled back to Accra on Friday after close of work, got my new look (permed-short-curly hair) done, and rummage through my closet to find a casual dress for Saturday.

Tell me I look pretty in my new look😊- honestly, I feel comfy in this. Buka restaurant just completed my day!

I love my new look 😍


BUKA RESTAURANT serves traditional African dishes with a complexity and zest in taste.

Location: One can find BUKA RESTAURANT on the 10th Street of Osu two doors from the former American Embassy Visa section in Accra, Ghana.

Operating times is Monday- Saturday (12p.m- 7p.m).

Their menu is designed to give each palate an adventurous fusion of modern traditional African cuisine. They select the finest ingredients and serve each plate in inventive Buka fashion. Ghanaian, Ivorian, Togolese, South African and Nigerian cuisines are served at Buka restaurant. The colourful backdrop coupled with their neatness gave us a refreshing moment.

Believe me when I say Buka Rest. has one of the best customer service, solitude environment and great taste in cuisines! You know I decide the vibe and I definitely need not to remind you to try Buka out!


Still observing Covid-19 protocols.
Are you a fan of Gob3? 😹
Colourful backdrop at Buka
After eating finger-licking fufu and aromatic jollof-rice with beef stew.


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