Dear God,

Dear God 🙏

Listen to this Song first. Capable God

Dear God,

It’s me again

I’m faced with another challenge

A challenge I know you are the only one who can solve it

It’s me again

And I can’t solve this puzzle if you don’t help me out

I’m stuck here and I can’t seem to think to make a headway

I’m not leaving until you answer me please

Here I am with a lot of decisions, ideas and suggestions hovering around with none to get hold of

Here I am pleading with you to see me through this one if it’s indeed your will

Here I am praying in my head and asking for a favor from you

Here I am asking that you have mercy on me: A sinner

God, I’m faced with another huge challenge and somehow, I can’t seem to think.

I took a risk and I’m now unsure…

Your Daughter.

I won’t dare! 🔥

To be continued…


Accra Academy Campus.

3 thoughts on “Dear God,

    1. God will come through for me.
      There is a reason why God has me where I am.
      God has not forgotten about me.
      I am not late, I am on time according to God’s calendar,
      God’s promises are true.
      He is not a man that He should lie.
      Though it tarries, I will wait for it.
      This wait is not in vain.
      It will all make sense in the end.
      I will keep trusting God.

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