The story of a woman with no child stuck me hard even when she had prayed for years and there was nothing. Days later,she turned her hall into a baby room and continued steadfastly in earnest prayer. Just like the widow in 1 Kings 7, her sorrows was turned into Joy. She couldn’t hold back her tears when the doctor told her the good news!

From our lips to God’s ears only: whatever we ask will be delivered to us and whatever we have lost will be restored to us. This is the kind of prayer I muttered as I quit my Job and tasked myself not to sit home but find something more lucrative to do.

I had a government appointment right after quitting my job. Now the battle between myself and this “unknown imp” (if I should even refer to it like that) came to cloud my plans. Oh I had plans! Trust me they were very good and insightful ones. But as the saying goes “Man proposes and God disposes”

We were asked to submit our letters and other documents at the Regional Office as stated in the appointment letter. But like the ambitious me who didn’t want to waste any more time because I felt this is a very good sign from God, I got to the Regional Office rather earlier than the usual time. I submitted all documents and proceeded to look for my district to do same. Now, this came to me as a “blow in my face” when

There was a TWIST!

1. I had the wrong district and found the right one.

2. Went to my new place of posting only to be told there was no vacancy ( a government appointment too???). I was confused about the whole situation.

3. Looking for other alternatives quickly. Going back to where I had my internship programme and attachment programme just to ask if I could request for an assurance letter so I could be posted to work there. Another blow to my face when I was told, “We don’t do such things any more” I was devastated! 😩

4. Going back to my posting and getting a letter of re-posting and going back to the Regional Office again! πŸ˜‚ (Ei, now I was just thinking- is it God’s way of taking me out of a situation?). During this time, I called all the people I knew who could be of help to me. I contacted hundreds of people whom could probably lead me to someone to at least give me a new place I could work.

Then I learned something new from this experience:

People (even family members) will forget you in your nothingness.

They will never get back to you any time soon.

Humans will never ask “How did it go?

“Was it successful?”

They will say, ” I will pray for you” and I tell you what, they will forget to do so.

Trust me, It’s human nature! I wasn’t perturbed at all. Do you know why? I always woke up with a mindset of getting this Job. In my heart of hearts, I knew a testimony will present itself soon!

Capable God πŸ’œ

Guess what, none got back to me. Those who did, probably got fed up already with my situation. (I lost hope). I prayed, I slept on an empty stomach, I asked God questions, mum was worried, I was just wondering- What is the problem with our system in this Country?? πŸ™„

This was the least! the next blow was going back again in search for another place of re-posting. Then lo, I found a place. (I never liked the place or didn’t want to think of myself getting to work there). A begger with a choice! I just didn’t want to settle for less! I have always wanted the best for myself and be challenged in whatever I found myself doing. I was however reluctant to submit my documents for them to finish up with the process so I can at least take a break from this adventure!

I remember shedding tears at the entrance of the Regional Office on Monday 25th January after the Registrar told me she couldn’t find the documents I presented to her to be re-posted!

My story continues… Wait for my Testimony!


13 responses to “THE PLOT TWIST”

  1. According to your knowledge and your will for me What you say you have done I just need to align oh Because you are not a man that changes your mind oh
    Those that know you will trust in you Not in Horses and chariots
    By the arm of flesh No man can prevail
    No man, No man No man, No man My confidence is you
    What is hard?
    What is hard for you?
    It can never exist oh

    #Capable GodπŸ™

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  2. Hmm! This sounds like G. E. S. And if I were to be in your shoes I would have wailed paa. Cos this is pure frustration. Akosua, am your name sake. Thanks for following me and I hope to learn from your blog.

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  3. If there is reward for humility, obedience, loyalty and etc, then there is also reward for your patience, hard work and persistence, don’t give in and don’t give up. Your life itself will be a testimony.

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