1st July, 2021.

I could have sworn they had a good chance to make a headway.

But like a hurricane, it left him running to find comfort and peace somewhere else.

I heard you are doing so well and that work has taken a better part of you.

Yolanda, it filled my heart with hope for just a few days- until reality hit me.


You see, the thing is, with you, I never even stood a chance.

We seemed to be on two different worlds. You and l. We never stood a chance.

You had your head always buried in books and I had my heels hustling for my daily evening meals- Kenkey and fish.

She had you “the Accra-East Legon-Accra” kind of life. All I need is to save pessewas and change from trotro mates before I could get a ticket to Tafo in Kumasi.

I couldn’t afford to take you to peduase Lodge and not even national theatre to see Ebo Whyte’s stage plays.

However, she had it all…

And I lost in the ring: hands-down!

I can’t afford a bouquet of roses, a Louis Vuitton bag and Christian Dior perfume.

You are way out of my league!

And when I compare my family to hers, she slays in it better than I do.

Maybe, just maybe, that could be a factor…

You see, every mosquito bite I have on my legs was as a result of staying up late in the night, trying hard to figure out how, and why you couldn’t just take me as I am.

And even though I’d to do one hell of a job loving you, you never gave me a chance to.

But then again, that’s your loss. Yes.

Never will you know what it feels like to be loved by a poor person.

But I will love you with the love that walks some extra kilometres in the scorching sun to your house just to see you.

I will love you with the love that whips up poems to make Shakespeare feel unaccomplished.

Unbridled love.




The kind that money cannot buy and makes you want to give thanks to God always.

The kind that makes you want to shout “hallelujah” and “Amen” when everyone is quiet in chapel.

I will give you random hugs- hugs for no reason, hugs when I remember how lucky I am to have you.

You will feel the love in my voice when I say I love you.

I will look at you like you are my most prized possession- because, indeed, you are.

Yes, that kind of love.

Even if I can’t be the one to love you, I hope you find someone who can love you even half as much as i would have, if i had been given a chance to.



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