My beauty draws my hair, but not the tasty food in my bowl.

What I need to write is a writing of unusual language.
Yesterday, I packed my luggage and baggage.
I was ready to meet my groom who sounded like António Jacinto
My beauty draws my hair, but not the tasty food in my bowl.

Consider the grace and peace in my breast and the pain in my back.
The gap in my teeth and curves in my neck.
The spark in my eyes and the invite in my smile.
Even the span of this hips and swing of waist couldn’t be compared to Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman.
I have been insulted by a Man: He called me “Konongo Kaya”
One who has always proven to be a Crook!
My groom never saw these stupendous Look!

A crook is what I see and not a Man.
He ditched me for greater.
Jilted me for another!
Now, I’m trying to hold back to this silent tear.
Let me tell you my greatest Fear.
That through it all my mind and heart still aches for him daily.

Image: Pixabay

“Konongo Kaya” meaning- Pretending not to love someone when in actual sense you do; and in effect, you don’t want another to take that person.


Oh, I actually thought of you today

And I almost called

To say a lot of things

To say I am proud you got a chance

To say I am sorry

To say I have missed us and our moments

To say let’s start from where we left off

To say you have missed a lot of my stories

But I didn’t have the courage to dial your number

I just kept postponing our conversations

I always have you in mind but…

These “but’s” have a way of stealing my Joy

I almost called…

To rectify our difference

To make you feel better again with my words of encouragement

To spice up your day with my silky voice

To reignite your spirit

But I never did

Could it be pride that keeps interfering?

I know I should have at least called just to say a word or two

I hope you know I miss you

I won’t shrink back to tell it to your face- but I know you can sense it and how my life is empty without you in it.

Everytime I use the Kasoa-Mallam interchange, I remember our silly little fights and what could have been

I remember how you used to buy bananas and eat all in the trotro

The things you did with your arms around my shoulders when you sense I am nervous

Your constant stealing of glances at me when I am not looking

I know I don’t have a right to ask, but do crave Jollof all the time?

Do you still sleep without bathing after close of work?

I finally got my old flame back and I am not going back to my former. You should be here to see

Sometimes I hear you laughing and saying “yesss” (just like how you imitate your boss) my mind’s ear;

It creeps up so suddenly on me that I can’t help but just freeze.

Last night I dreamt about you and our last spree

It was one of a kind;

When I woke up, I thought about what we had,

And what could have been,

And whether or not to dial your number

Believe me, Jessica. I almost called..

To a long lost friend.

Anytime someone’s image pops in mind, give that friend a call. You may never know when is the last time…