Each person could find what he or she needs in a movie: humor, adrenaline rush, drama, love, a journey back through time, or an alternative reality. However, enjoying a good film in the evening and watching it solely based on either of these could trigger a good feeling.

Tv series- Lupin

Lupin was recommended to me after a hard day’s work and for weeks, I felt reluctant to watch it. It took a little persuasive speech😄 to finally watch it. To think that I almost drew a wrong conclusion of it before watching it.

Lupin is a French Tv series with subtitles in English language. An interesting and intriguing drama directed by Louis Leterrier. As said earlier, upon several persuasions and coaxing, I finally got to watch and shamed myself for belittling this masterpiece! 😂

The modern thief, Assane Diop, In the series, models his life just as Maurice Leblanc’s iconic character,Arsène Lupin in “the gentleman burglar,” (a novel written sometime ago).

Lupin strives to overturn a past wrong by lifting a valuable piece of jewelry. However, his scheme does not unfold as he expected in Chapter one. He then resolves to make contact with the convict Comet, who offers a very valuable clue about his father, Babakar. Meanwhile, Madame Anne Pellegrini, wife of Hubert Pellegrini offers her confession.

Diop had to face a lot of hiccups against Commissioner Dumont on the heels of his plan to mislead the police. Meanwhile, new evidence reveals a link between his father, Babakar and Hubert Pellegrini (the Villian)

Assane in the subsequent chapters recruits a journalist to uncover new intel on Hubert as Officer seeks the truth behind the heist at the Louvre. The scenes take a turn of flashbacks to young Assane and his father Babakar to his youthful days of finding the real killer of his father.

Flashbacks in the episodes of the movie show Mrs. Pellegrini asking Assane’s father to pick a book for his son — he, Babakar picks Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Burglar. (A novel). This book was given to Assan Diop on his birthday as a surprise package by his father. In the present, Assana keeps his audience in a state of anxiety and suspense when he brings on board wity and cleaver ideas in his every move.

It get better and more interesting when is double crossed his frustration boils up gradually in the movie. Lupin season 1&2 with various episodes is full of vibes and articulate, pulling the audience through many twists and turns and suddenly bringing it to a laudable ending.

Watch the Official Trailer of Lupin Here. Click on this link 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

Image credit: Netflix

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