Incarcerated: After Graduation.

July, 27, 2018

And there I was stylishly dressed in Yellow-green alga and a stiletto

Penciled down from head to toe

I just couldn’t wait to see what education has made out of you

You grew

You alchemized

Notes on my wall

You evolved from a grade to an unexpected highest level

And there I was waiting patiently to give you my best hugs and tell you how proud I am of you

The words just didn’t want to come out from my mouth

I struggled to say something : “You look smashing in your grey suit and the gown”

Beamed with smiles that captivated me by all standards and I said to myself : “God, may this be the beginning of good things to happen in our lives”

Indentured, that’s how I felt and not Paroled. Indentured because you lack

That aura.

The creativity.

The euphoria.

That coyly nature of chivalry. That will make an inamorata, like me wonder!

I was incarcerated…

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