Scripture text: Romans 2:1-11

Do you see yourself constantly judging others?

The story is told about Peter-the Senior boy- he never realised that the principal saw him punish John- the JHS 2 boy for trespassing the lawn, which he (peter) has trespassed. Peter was shocked when he was called up during assembly and punished after recounting what he did.

Do you see yourself constantly judging?

You will not escape God’s judgment when you condemn another of what you are guilty of. We must strive to be good examples to others. Everyone will be rewarded according to how he or she has lived on earth. The rewards is found in (Romans 2:7-10).

💭💭 I have ever passed judgement of someone in the past and I was guilty of what they have done. I believe you reading this have also done same.

😇🙏Prayer: Lord, I receive grace to take heed of all your warnings and please help me not to go back to my evil deeds again. Amen!


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