Scripture text: Romans 9:10-21

Sovereignty is an attribute of God as the creator of Heaven and earth to exercise absolute right and full authority over his creation and to do or allow whatever he desires. Vs 10-13 indicates that God decided to choose Jacob instead of Esau.

Questions: What do you think about God’s decision (vrs 14-15)?

God is omniscient that is, he is all knowing. This implies he knows everything including the past and the future. Right from conception, God knows all about each of us. What other example of God’s sovereignty can you see in vrs 17-21?

Like clay in the hands ✋ of the Potter so are we in the hands of God. Have you surrendered every aspect of our lives to God?

Prayer: Lord, As the clay is in the hands of the Potter, so I surrender myself unto you, Lord, mould me into the shape that pleases you.

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