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  • Incarcerated: After Graduation.

    July, 27, 2018 And there I was stylishly dressed in Yellow-green alga and a stiletto Penciled down from head to toe I just couldn’t wait to see what education has made out of you You grew You alchemized You evolved from a grade to an unexpected highest level And there I was waiting patiently to […]

  • Before the break of dawn: A Memoir to my best friend.

    April, 2018 I had had to keep this diary to myself You know why? You never for once gave me enough reason Yes, I have admired others, fell in and out of love with others I wasn’t happy with any of them It never felt real with them So many times I had wished it […]


    Happy weekend, Always a pleasure to spend time with you every week. Aside the fact that nobody acknowledged my heartfelt apology, I am doing just fine. It’s been an exciting and a learning experience year for me. I just can’t wait to see what the other year will bring. I won’t start with the cliche […]


    6p.m at Kokrobite Beach Resort It’s funny how I am sitting here at the Kokrobite beach Resort all alone with the waves screaming at me “Girl, how are you feeling in general about this new chapter”? Nervous Anxious Gratified Hungry and yearning for more I have typed, retyped and deleted this post and many others […]

  • MY 2019 STORY

    #My 2019 Story. I readily agreed because I wanted to inspire others with my journey. Of all the years, 2019, has been a memorable one. I call it my year of daring and breaking of bounds. I had lots of plans, thankfully majority of them were realized through sweat, tears, smiles and every single minute, […]

  • I Can’t Do Without Them!

    Hey loves, July came quickly and gradually 2019 will be coming to a stand still. Thank you all so much for reading and sharing thoughts on my posts. WELCOME TO POETESS AKOSUA’s BLOG💃🏾💃🏾 I encountered a rather talkative driver in a “Troski” who kept asking questions about myself.So I’ve decided to share some of the […]

  • I finally said “Yes”

    I had no choice than to say “Yes” to this challenge. Kwesi, a fan of Poetessakosua’s blog referred me to my previous articles and challenged me to take this adventure with him. Personally, I have a phobia for heights. So quickly, I questioned the essence of this. Don’t get me wrong. Tim Lahaye author of […]

  • Put your best foot Forward

    “Ohui”, it sounds funny when you mistakenly pronounce it without the Ga-Adangbe accent. For the fear of being neglected and made mockery at while growing up, I personally decided not to add “Ohui” to my middle name. The name “Ohui” is the name given to the first female child by some part of Ga-Adangbe . […]

  • Trailblazer: Mother’s Day!

    May Day