Road Trip To Bunso Arboretum & Asemena Waterfalls

Adulting is catching up with us and I am now feeling the different faces of life- It’s a lot to deal with. A reflection of some years ago and now, actually puts tempers high; finding our foot in every possible way, make certain decisions that will stay with us forever, talk about choices and insurmountable challenges to endure.

But gladly, with the help of God, it gets better.

And sometimes, just sometimes, one needs a good laugh!

My next adventure was no other place than Bunso Arboretum & Asemena Waterfalls in the Eastern Region, Ghana. My head aches from yesterday’s tour and Jam- not forgetting the Jolly-going people who made it super super fun! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

strangers who turned out to be the best of tour folks๐Ÿ’œ
These guys!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚

It felt like I have known these folks all my life. This road trip was unplanned and it finally came out as the very best I have had so far. On Friday, I booked my slot with the Moooveafrica Team. Apparently, Moooveafrica does road trips every weekend to Tourist sites in most of the Regions in Ghana.

I just had to Pack up these items for a day trip.

1. A Pair of Slippers
2. My Identification Card 3. An Umbrella
4. Three bottles of water 5. A Novel 6.Extra face mask 7.Power bank.

These items aided a smooth Trip. I didn’t need to pack food or snacks because the team actually included them in their package. (I’m not exaggerating- in terms of customer service, food, and every other thing was just apt!)

Itinerary for the day๐Ÿ’œ

After contacting Wesley about the safety of the Bus and other details of the trip, I was convinced it was going to be a memorable adventure. We got to Bunso Eco Park right on time and we settled with Socialization and a game called “first names+animals”. The fraternizing moment made us know each other better and our private lives too. (Interesting people in various fields of endeavor)

After checking in with one of the tour guides at the information Center at the Arboretum, we gathered around for some education on the Zip line and how to get on it. Honestly, most of us have a fear for heights. But like we were told, no one fell or died from trying the Zip line.

A Video of me trying the Zip line ๐Ÿ˜Š I did it effortlessly! It was fun and a wonderful experience.

Zip line: a cable suspended above an incline to which a pulley and harness are attached for a rider. it was an exhilarating experience!

The Serenity Bunso Eco park

My Team and I tried the Horse back riding and the soft archery.

The excitement didn’t end there. Our next stop was the Asemena Waterfalls at Akuapem North in Koforidua. Even though it was getting dark and scary along the path to the waterfall, we needed to enjoy the last bit of this adventure! Some changed into their swim suits and others stood by to take pictures close to the waterfall.

The Serenic waterfalls at Asemena at Akuapem North in Koforidua (Ghana)
Asenema Waterfall is one of the hidden gems in the rainforest of the Akuapem Hills,ย outside of Accra, and north of Aburi. There are many waterfalls in the Eastern Region, but Asenema is only 15 minutes from Akropong and justย 5 minute walk from the main road along a marked trail.ย Asenema waterfall feeds a lively little stream nearby.ย The falls usually has a very good flow in the rainy season. The drive to get to the falls is wonderfully scenic, with beautiful views across the rolling hills that are so typical of the region.

Enjoying the Asemena Waterfalls ๐Ÿ˜Š

The most exciting part for me was leaving the capital city, Accra, and enjoying this serenity with strangers who turned tour-team-members! It was so magical. I came back home feeling refreshed in mind and reminiscing about the Trip.

From this short excitement, I concluded that:

As humans, we don’t need anyone to make us happy. Happiness should come from within and No one else controls your emotions more than you do and if you send messages to your body to smile, the message to feel happier becomes even stronger.

I promise to live life to the fullest! Enjoy everything that nature has to offer us. Thanks to MOOOVEAFRICA for organizing this every weekend! This will be telecasted on MTV on Tuesday, at exactly 8 a.m! Don’t forget to book and reserve your slot with MOOOVEAFRICA for their September Trips!


I finally made the conscious decision to take my self love journey in developing myself very seriously. My mind and body have been constantly barraged & assaulted by the daily grind of full time and part time jobs. I could actually feel my mind tearing at the edges ๐Ÿ˜ญ. I’ve had to deal with relocation of places (which I enjoy a lot! No doubt) and it was always one storm after the other. I had friends advising me to take care of myself to be able to have a stable mind as to what to do.

Then Lo, a fan of Poetess Akosua’s blog reached out to me somewhere in May. Apparently, he is here in Ghana for a short vacation and will soon be going back to the States. I was to choose a place for our casual hang out this July. Tons of places (far and near) came in mind. Eventually, I settled on this enchantment!

To my readers here, if you are looking for a nice hang out place to wine and dine in Accra, look no further than this Turkish eatery -Capitol Cafe and Restaurant.

Beautiful Backdrop at Capitol cafe and Restaurant

Actually, i had to choose between Osu and Cantonments but the die fell on the serenity Cantonments and the serene scenes of Capitol. A get away or some sort! What I needed.

"Capitol Cafรฉ and Restaurant in Accra brings the best taste from both Turkish and International cuisine. With its distinctive location, elegant atmosphere and delightful menu, Capitol Cafรฉ and Restaurant wants to be your first choice for dining and special occasions. You can have a meal with your friends and family in the main restaurant, enjoy creative cocktails in the garden bar, or you can taste various cakes and pastries in the bakery section. With well qualified chefs and specially trained service team, Capitol,is here to serve you the best.
Capitol Cafe & Restaurant has a kid's menu and also a small playground for children to burn some energy"


View social handles of Capitol Cafe here.

Location: 5th Circular Road 19, Cantonments, Accra

  • Bar & Lounge
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Great for Groups
  • Great for Kids
  • Late Night Dining. (Various features)
  • Lunch
  • New & Hot
  • Outdoor Seating

Just an experience and great taste๐Ÿ’œ

You should just try it out…


Seven days for the month of love to bid us good-bye! This month is the time we celebrate Valentine and we make time for our loved ones, families and specialities. We do not just emphasize on the relevance of having someone special in our lives to celebrate or to show the entire World.

No matter how little it is, it definitely will be appreciated! ๐Ÿ’• Come share the love on the streets by donating any amount.

There are things that make the months we have special and wholesome. The previous month comes with an unwavering start, a fresh beginning and new chances to remind us there’s Hope!

While this month is associated with Valentine, the journey of love with others doesnโ€™t stop there. It however continues till eternity. February is the month right after it and while nothing in particular changed regarding the weather, people do feel very different about this month. It’s the month where the acts of kindness is done to others. This boosts faith in good deeds, in being humane, helpful and thoughtful. Don’t you agree?

Ever heard of “Love on the Street”?

This is an initiative to put smiles on the faces of needy people on the Streets. The initiative is geared towards spreading love and making these children and people on the street feel loved and appreciated by all who donate. The “Love on the street” team has put together this to promote a worthy course.

The point is this: (A)whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully[a] will also reap bountifully. Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, (B)not reluctantly or under compulsion, for (C)God loves a cheerful giver. 2nd Corinthians 9:6-7

How can one support this initiative?

You can support by donating money to 0554340533 (MTN MoMo) and any one who wishes to volunteer can join the train as well. (FYI: All it takes to be a volunteer is a good heart)

The targeted places in Ghana?

26th February,2021 the team will grace the streets of Kumasi and on 6th March,2021 (indece day) Accra the needy will be filled with Joy and beaming with smiles. The Covid-19 protocols will be adhered to.

Love on the street ๐Ÿ’•

People show you their love in different ways. Can we also show love to the needy on the streets by donating… Make sure to unlock it this February and relish love all year long!

One gives freely, yet grows all the richer;
    another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want.
25 Whoever brings blessing will be enriched,
    and one who waters will himself be watered. Proverbs 11:23-25


Buka restaurant gave us a real and refreshing treat yesterday! ๐Ÿ’œ

I know I have kept all of my ardent readers in a dark. My last blog post on a blogtober writing challenge which was uncompleted because of my schedule. In the month of October, I set out with my Writers’ group on a writing challenge and somehow I fell off the track together with a few others. Kudos to Dave for completing the task!

December is approaching real fast and unlike some of you, I will still be on the 8a.m to 5p.m schedule except for weekends. Those who know me very well, know I don’t joke with my weekends and my small circle. It should be lit and I should decide the vibe. This actually makes me happy. I mean who won’t jump to the thought of “weekending” with favorite people. I have been to places, tried foods, been on road trips to far and near places but BUKA RESTAURANT got me spell-bound.

My sisters ๐Ÿ’œ

My sisters (friends who became family), decided to try something different than the usual this year. After several postponement of weekends and uncertainty of where and when to go, we finally settled on this enchantment. Thank God for my beeping schedule always reminding me of my meetings and activities ahead of time. I would have missed this one. Personally, I like to plan ahead and get things done beforehand so I met all deadlines and set out to prepare for 28th November with Dorkie and Abena. I traveled back to Accra on Friday after close of work, got my new look (permed-short-curly hair) done, and rummage through my closet to find a casual dress for Saturday.

Tell me I look pretty in my new look๐Ÿ˜Š- honestly, I feel comfy in this. Buka restaurant just completed my day!

I love my new look ๐Ÿ˜


BUKA RESTAURANT serves traditional African dishes with a complexity and zest in taste.

Location: One can find BUKA RESTAURANT on the 10th Street of Osu two doors from the former American Embassy Visa section in Accra, Ghana.

Operating times is Monday- Saturday (12p.m- 7p.m).

Their menu is designed to give each palate an adventurous fusion of modern traditional African cuisine. They select the finest ingredients and serve each plate in inventive Buka fashion. Ghanaian, Ivorian, Togolese, South African and Nigerian cuisines are served at Buka restaurant. The colourful backdrop coupled with their neatness gave us a refreshing moment.

Believe me when I say Buka Rest. has one of the best customer service, solitude environment and great taste in cuisines! You know I decide the vibe and I definitely need not to remind you to try Buka out!


Still observing Covid-19 protocols.
Are you a fan of Gob3? ๐Ÿ˜น
Colourful backdrop at Buka
After eating finger-licking fufu and aromatic jollof-rice with beef stew.


This is a short one. I would not like to go into details because I have come to embrace the fact that whatever life throws at us, having a thick skin to accommodate it heals. Guess what, growing up was hell already. All the hustle and bustle got me into a game of Suicide. I have tried reconsidering and facing life squarely. You know, sometimes we feel this is a face of life that will pass by. Other times, it feels like “You came into this world by a mistake”.

Crap! Who cares? If they did, they would have thought about it before uttering certain comments, they would have been more careful with their actions, they would have asked before judging, they would have thought of the pain and depressing moments you will go through. I have been accused of many things in my life but having a thick skin has never been one of those things. In fact, more often than not, Iโ€™ve been told that Iโ€™m just one of those who take what belongs to another, one of those who has no heart. I prefer to think of it as sensitive to the people around me, their needs and our shared goals.

That said, Iโ€™ve spent years trying to figure out how to develop a thicker skin. Years of wondering why a colleague, family member, trusted friend, an old friend, a church brother or sister, family relation, a boss, a supervisor, senior member, management, siblings will vilify you. It’s always tough dealing with this situation alone. It is when a trustee betrays you. You lose your sense of purpose, depression starts knocking on your door gradually. You start to lose your senses and then, death lays it’s icy hands on you.

The skin of a Rhino

I admire people who live above it; you know the ones โ€“ where criticism or abrasive comments leave nary a nicked or wounded ego. My heart goes out to all who have gone through this and those still going through this. We are strong and brave. Let’s continue to pray for strength to accommodate all these.


She touched them and they felt alive. I, on the other hand, felt ticklish. It was as if they were being caressed and going through a massage therapy. Relaxing as it felt, I closed my eyes and paid attention as she examined my breast; educating and asking relevant questions about my last menstrual period.

Today was a good day. I had a good laugh, an education on Breast Cancer and it’s Symptoms by a Senior Midwife. I’m skeptical when it comes to showing a part of me(my body). Therefore, I yearn to really take good care of myself and my body. At the clinic, I was received by a nurse and a midwife who examined by Breast.

Before the examination.

Breast cancer awareness month is a yearly campaign that intend to educate people about the importance of early screening, test. The campaign starts on October 1 till 31st October. She explained the causes and highlighted salient Symptoms and effects of this Cancerous disease. Read more of Breast Cancer here.

Image credit: IG photos

It’s braless Tomorrow ladies! We are encouraged to forgo wearing a bra as a means to encourage breast cancer awareness. In view of this, the hashtag for tomorrow is #nobraday. However before you join the Campaign, please take a step to go for a free breast screening and join the campaigns train.

Encourage others to do same too. I went braless today and did my screening! I hope you do yours too. Let’s examine the Tatas. Breast Cancer is real!

Blogtober challenge Day 12 today!


Blogtober Day 10: 10/10/20

Listen to this song first. (I was here by Beyoncฤ“)๐Ÿ‘‡

On the bridge
Oiled in silence and fear,
Had driven them here.


These cut them
Right out of their chest,
They believed the worse
That they amount to no good and yet they stood for the best

They were always there,
Mostly out of sight,
Waiting in the background
Till the time was right.

They cursed days they spoke out, cursed months of self-care, weeks of adornment in fine linens, years of experience.

These were destructive,
Knocking down the life they knew,
Hating everything about those times
They were hard on themselves and hated their lives.

These demons can’t be seen,
But they’re far from fairy tales.
They live inside your mind;
Their evilness prevails.

So on the bridge they stood,
About to end the fight.
Then stopped and thought
They will fight them one more night


THE 2020 BOOK DATE NIGHT : blogtober challenge day 9!

Anticipate! ๐Ÿ’œ

The blogtober challenge is still on!!! Today is Day 9 and this is just a reminder of a sort. 23rd October, 2020 should be a holiday for you. I bring you one of the most talked about programme for book addicts and book lovers that happens every year.

Happening live on the 23rd OCTOBER, 2020.

Have you registered yet?

Do you want to meet other book lovers?

Do you need a particular book to read?

If the answer to these questions is ‘NO”, it’s not too late. I have good news for you. Goethe institut Ghana in collaboration with Readers Truss presents Book Date Night 2020

Image credit: Readers Truss.

A night where book lovers, book addicts and the like, come to network and discuss about books they have read and get books they would like to read. It’s happening live on Saturday, 23rd October, 2020. Come along with a fellow book lover for an amazing book date night.

Kindly send a message to Readers Truss IG Page to get a form and be selected for participation.

Last year at Goethe institut, Ghana.

Time: 6p.m

Date: 23rd October, 2020.

Venue: Goethe institut, Ghana

Remember to come along with a fellow book lover๐Ÿ’œ


It’s nice telling people who are doing well in their field or who inspire you, “I love what you do and I am a huge fan of you”. Today, the 7th Day of the blogtober challenge requires that I write about 4 bloggers(local or international) who are my favorite. I’m just a budding writer who is eager to learn from other good writers. I’m open to new ideas and I’d appreciate it a lot if writers would take it upon themselves to coach budding writers like myself, It would certainly mean a lot to us!

Life of a Writer. Pixabay

I follow a lot of blogs(hundreds) I must say. This I do to help me discover my own style of writing, appreciate bloggers and become better with each write-up I deliver. Frequently, I scroll through WordPress and bloglovin and only click the posts that interest me.

The bloggers below are the ones of whom I click on, each time they post. I call them “TEAM GHANA JOLLOF”(forgive me, I didn’t mean to whet your appetite this evening by the mere mention of “JOLLOF” but for the sake of these writers, kindly allow me to). They never leave me hanging and they certainly make blog world better for me. The best bloggers that keep me blogging. So I want to say, “Thank you for all that you do. Please know that there is always someone here who is not only feasting her eyes on your blog but in anticipation to read your best post. So keep inking”.

Mrs R! ๐Ÿ’œ

1. Maukeni Padiki Kodjo, now Mrs Maukeni Ribeiro, is one of my favorite. I encountered Keni at the Women’s Right Write (a writing Seminar) in 2017 at the University of Ghana, Legon. The seminar was an educative one organized by Rubbytalks in collaboration with 2eweboys on the theme, โ€œRewriting the Narrative About Ghanaian Women through literatureโ€. After listening attentively to Keni’s pieces, I soliloquized, “Ei wei de3 y3 w)writers mu writers” To wit, “we really have writers in Ghana” This is not just an ordinary person. But one that will wow the critics to the core. (I’m not exaggerating). She was once adjudged the best blogger of the Ghana blogging and Social Media awards organized by Blogging Ghana Keni’s appearance on stage is friendly; no wonder she is a September baby ๐Ÿ’œ. You can visit her blog for amazing stories on www. Kenikodjo.com for more spicy ingredients and join her Telegram channel for more Kenikodjo.

2. As a writer, I know first-hand the need of having faithful readers lurking around your blog post and waiting patiently for your next post any time soon. I must confess that being part of the Heaven-Inspired Theatre team at Nrcoc made me witness how many admire Dr Michael Osei Agyapong who writes as Kwasi ‘Sei.

Kwasi ‘Sei

Though I believe in my ability to give you a best perspective of his writing style, I am quick to admit that I am not sure I will do as much justice to it as I would want to. He calls himself the creator and Purveyor of Snappy Stories.He is the winner of the Ananse Prize for Literature at the Ghana Writers’ Awards, 2016. Currently, he juggles writing and working as a Medical Doctor. He has staged some christian drama(s). One of which I helped as a stage manager at the Nrcoc. Kindly visit his blog eyestouchedbydew for more interesting read.

3. Her most recent post “You failed? so what, try again”. left me spell-bound. Josephine Amoako leaves me craving for more. I’m pretty sure most varied demographics also can’t wait for her weekly blog post. Visit her blog Joseyphina’s World and you will find interesting interactions, short stories, social issues and above all, christian literature. It was fascinating to see her read her articles during the Women’s Right Write Seminar.


4. Unvieling him would mean writing a whole thesis about who he is and his impeccable style. I have so much respect for Eric Korankye Nuamah. In terms of writing and editorial work, he is one of the best I have ever come across.

Eric Korankye Nuamah

Personally, I worked under his tutelage during my National Service days at Parliament of Ghana. His wise counsel and guidance in terms of writing cannot be overemphasized. He is a Pro! I’m humbled to have learnt from his ways and I’m a huge fan. I encouraged myself to stay quiet in monitoring his post and learning on the low from afar, from his Before Breakfast Lessons to the end because I was bent on developing my writing skills. Visit his blog korankyenuamaheric’sblog for great pieces.


Mr Nesta Jojoe Erskine‘s photos.

Yesterday was World boyfriend day and like many assume, a sophisticated, intelligent, classy, pretty and well-groomed lady could be in a relationship. Most guys will feel intimidated by these qualities. Personally, I find it a laughable issue. I mean why assume? I was however caught up in a heated debate some time ago on this issue. I concluded, “We can’t really change what people think”. Today, I want to tell you about my story and how it never ended. This relationship started 16 years ago. My dad made me develop a sudden interest and till date, I am still in this relationship. The chemistry we both have is indescribable. Not a day goes by without a phone call or a text message from this significant other. Ours is a kind of addiction I wouldn’t mind having for a very long time. We all need to have that special someone who would be there for us when needed and who would understand us without being judgemental.

IG page

Books can be our best friends for life, for all the right reasons. Good books enrich our mind and broaden our perspective towards life. What’s more, one can never feel lonely in the company of books. This is the Love of my life and my love story. You see the thing about this love is, I find solace and comfort in it. Just like our friends, they cheer up our mood, soothe the soul and make us laugh out loud.

For this reason I have decided to stay faithful in this marital Journey. The just ended Book Exchange Affair programme which was dubbed “Promoting a Good Reading Culture” made me realize how much books mean to people. So here is a list of books I will read in 2021.

Kenkey for Ewes & some short stories

Kenkey For Ewes and other very short stories was first published as an eBook by Flash Fiction Ghana in July, 2017. The flash fiction anthology, edited by A. A. Asiedu, D. H. Dzah and J. J. Johnson, features stories by young Ghanaian writers from across the country. This is an anthology of hope. Never have so young people captured the stories of our time the way this army of writers have immortalised. But beyond the greatness in the stories, Kenkey for Ewes guarantees one exhilarating fact: it is a great time to be a global citizen.

The second book is one that comes with a lot of drama and suspenseful juice.

Saturday’s Shadow

Saturdayโ€™s Shadows is set in a West African country at the end of a 17 year military dictatorship era. It weaves and craves with the stories of four members of the Avoka household, where everybody is lurching toward self destruction. The father, Theo, is recruited to write the memoirs of the dictator who is now a turned president. Theo as a main character in this book loathes the president. According to the writer of this book, this story talks about sanity and madness.

The hairdresser of Harare

After a sneak peek of the blurb, I must say, this “the Hairdresser of Harare” will be a ravishing one. This is a comic novel about the daily realities of life of a Zimbabwe hairdresser. The protagonist was the fussiest customer to ever grace a salon and she will not let any ordinary person touch her hair. The author narrates learning to be a jack of all trades and one of the main character depicts this.

The next book, Carmen, an author said, “it just increases my heartbeat as if I am prey, melts my insides and leaves me in anticipation for my first kiss” (sobs). I have met the author before, at the 2017 Women’s Right Write held at University of Ghana, Legon. I’m yet to read Unforgettable by Nesta Jojoe Erskine.


A bird just whispered to me and said;

“I’m surprised you haven’t read Padiki by Selassie Mensah yet.

Selassie takes us on a journey of how sweet this marriage is going to be.”Padiki has been keeping a secret for years. This secret has slowly eaten away her joy and her chance for a real and true human connection.” After seeing Selassie Mensah at a Book Date organized by A lady who loves to read and Readers Truss, I could sense this is a real story she told from within. But who am I to make assumptions just like some guys who think most classy ladies are already in a relationship and they can’t propose love to them.

Padiki’s secret has turned her into a young woman full of regret and bitterness. When the cause of her bitterness arrives in town for his wedding, she makes it her goal to take revenge for all the times he hurt her. Will Padiki be able to overcome the bitterness that fills her heart? This is suspenseful and a delimma readers are to discover.

Padiki: Seventy times seven

And just like Elixagyare said in his article “Letโ€™s read 2021 away, adding value to ourselves for we know that reading maketh a man, or better still, reading maketh a man and a woman!”

So guys you see, I might be one of those ladies, but this significant other called “BOOKS” keep me busy all the time. It has now become my boyfriend. Unless of course, you want to be a usurper. I wouldn’t mind…

I hope you are ready to join us read these books. Please check Elixagyare.wordpress.com and Dave the blogger for these amazing books in 2021 for more books to read next year! ๐Ÿ’œ


I never considered writing a review of anything, be it a movie or book but here I find myself at a task never thought of in my writing journey, so this is my first review- of course apart from the mundane drudgery of literature review in academic circles. I have in later times enjoyed the [โ€ฆ]


Hi guys, I couldn’t write anything for today’s challenge. It’s rather unfortunate. My day has been rough and I have been moody today. However, I can’t possibly go back on my words.

I promised to provide you with contents from 1st October to 31st October right? So this blog post is a reblog from an impeccable writer Elixagyare (I have so much respect for). Please have a good read of his movie review! I bet you will love this. Kindly do well to download this Ghanaian-Nigerian Movie. It was worth my time.

Elixagyare kudos to you! Keep inking. This is beautiful ๐Ÿคฉ