I have the best smile. Argue with yourself!

blogtober challenge. Day 2

At last! The weekend is finally here. Generally, Fridays are awesome and everyone loves Fridays. Well, apart from the fact that it ushers us into the weekend, when you can bid goodbye to the pressures of work and deadlines just to have fun.

It also comes with a perfect opportunity for reflections and a solitary life from all the noise. Isn’t that great? Talking about reflections, today started off pretty positive.
I listened to a mindfulness audio on Steve Harvey show. It is the hardship of a black American single mum in South Central Los Angeles who single-handily raised her son. She got fired from five different jobs, she was broke and she was broken and then she got pregnant with her son unexpectedly.

At eight months, her son’s father went to prison. For two days she had to wrap her son in a towel because she was bankrupt in everything that was holding and keeping her where she was. I was taken aback after listening to how she survived it.

Through it all, she had faith and uttered these words.

“Mommy will never be this broke again. I want to transform your life because you didn’t ask to come into this chaos. If you are going to be convicted about something, you might have to go through some discomfort but if you just want to stay comfortable, why don’t you just relax where you are?”

So this morning I asked myself “Am I willing to reinvent who I am? Or am I ready to kill away procrastination, excuses, wallowing in self-pity, the tribulations, and storms of life, the blame game just like she said and did to find myself and achieve it big? Most of all, am I willing to keep this beautiful smile on when life hits me and rise above it?

When the tides turn quickly, as humans we need to remind ourselves of our past achievements and successes we have chalked. I rapidly remind myself of the past that made me smile when the present is blurry. I smile through it because I know moments like this are sure to come anytime soon. Today, 2nd October, being the second challenge of my blogtober challenge, is also World Smile Day. We have so many reasons to smile and be happy regardless of where we find ourselves or our situation.

As I type this message now, I have so many unread messages and deadlines I have to meet but this message can’t possibly be kept for another day.

I have 20 things that make me smile and this is the perfect time to do it.

1. Feeling at peace: Admittedly, I have always been a restless and anxious person. However, I get a refreshing moment within my spirit when I get to fast and pray about something. I have this strong desire to influence people in a positive way. I smile when I realize I am in safe hands with someone who loves the things of God and he or she wants to help me in that regard.

2. Feeling good about myself: The fact I look into the mirror and like what I see about myself is a real personal achievement for me.

3. Getting rid of the noise and going back to nature: I am not wild and bubbly when it comes to having fun. When it is beach or something so calming and invigorating about nature, find me. I personally crave for that a lot. It gives me peace.

4. Good times with good friends: I can’t wait to have a white wedding in church surrounded by my very good friends cheering me on and smiling. I can picture it already. I love my small circle of friends. They bring me joy and make me feel appreciative of myself.

5. Meeting strangers: just don’t force me into an acquaintance. Allow me to walk into a shop, the street, restaurant, places of interest, to meet someone new. You will be surprised when I finally get to experience this and get to know they exudes niceness and happiness, I will stick around forever.

6. Good food: My love for this delicacy is crazy. (Kenkey with fish and onion). Just don’t forget to add some shrimps.

7. Your ideas (thoughtful): I am easily moved by this trait. I know I can be very quiet sometimes. But just a thoughtful idea can make me smile and feel we are a team!

8. Good Movies: recommend a good movie for me and see if I won’t drool over it till the end of the year.

9. Photographers and Doctors: these two professions are my friends. I have come to love taking pictures. Most of my friends are either medical students or doctors. I love their company because they are sweet with their caring nature and soft-spoken. I kind of love the special treatment they give me whenever I call on them.

10. African Print: just gift me with this and I will be beaming with infectious smiles.

11. A good book: reading a good book is like getting a new best friend. In this, I get to connect with the characters, being swept away by a timeless love story. Books fill me with endless joy. I’m not a book addict though but there is nothing like coffee or a wine, being in bed with a good book! Such peace!

12. Hugs: let me wish we can do it forever. Hug someone and really connect to the heart level. Try it sometime.

13. My blog: this makes me smile. I love to write.

14. Heels: flat shoes, sandals, shoes, aren’t my most favorite. Heels make me look and feel smart.

15. Old friends and family: they bring out the best in me.

16. Good music: My latest discovery Sam Smith’s – Lay me down makes me tear. It is beautiful and gets me singing along.

17. Good conversation: enlighten me with what you know and let me learn from you.

18. Light-colored night wears.

19. Compliment me on my bad day

20. Smiling makes me smile.

All it takes to make your day bright is to smile, whether someone gives it to you or not. Remember life is too short to wallow in self-pity and just like the single mother, you are your own rescue, no one is.

Rise up today, list a number of things that makes you smile and glow. Reflect on them and start your day with a bright and beautiful smile just like mine👇👇👇👇

I have the best Smile😊. Argue with yourself!

The challenge continues tomorrow 💜💃


Blogtober Challenge 2020.

Challenge 1

Today, I give a shout out to all my readers in Ghana, United States, South Africa, Ukraine, United Kingdom and India. I have had the most readers from these countries this year and I am thankful.

Frankly, you are the reason I grab my phone to type my thoughts on issues and other matters even when I don’t feel like doing it. I actually love that you enjoy most of the post I publish here. Thank you for sticking with me in this blogging journey.

Months ago, we were stuck and everything- Jobs, schools, church, daily activities including the fun part of our lives as humans were halted. Serious as it looks like, it gave a lot of people ideas and new strategies as to what they can do to make life fun again. I took a break from work and had to travel back to Accra to observe the Lockdown. Jaded is just an understatement of how I felt.

All I did was devise my own means to shake off boredom till the Lockdown was over. Introvert as I am, (Mind you I am not saying I prefer this kind of life. I am just okay with enjoying my own company for some time. I am much productive this way) I had to plan and prepare a schedule that could mean I can still have fun while at home and adding some value to my life.

I am a firm believer of this, “Life is all about learning, relearning and unlearning”. The Lockdown was certainly the right time to do that. I did that with the help of a challenge thrown to me by a friend. You can read about how my Lockdown diaries went on here .

It’s a new month. Things are gradually going back to normalcy and we are back to work and still observing the measures put in place to avoid Covid-19. By the grace of God, I am alive and ready to wow you with something exciting and intriguing.
The “blogtober challenge is a yearly challenge for African Content Creators that occurs in October. This is my first time participating in the challenge. This challenge is my escape from weary moments that may pop up. This challenge will mean I should produce contents for my cherished readers, engage my fellow bloggers, discover and find myself, and finally find more ideas with this beautiful gift.

This month looks a little different because I have set myself a couple of blogging goals and a number of things I would like to achieve by the end in the end. Apparently, a fellow blogger, Marietta MarieNoel Grant enjoyed my post on the lockdown diaries and threw the blogtober challenge to me. As usual, i asked influence my small circle to join me in this. Please check out these two Dave the blogger and Elixagyare blogs for exciting and great contents as we keep you posted on our very first blogtober challenge.

Happy new month to us all and please stay here for more on the blogtober Challenge Series from Poetess Akosua.

Are you participating in Blogtober this year or anything similar?

If you are let me know and leave your blogs in the comments I want to read them all!!


Dorcas Fafali Tsey was our MC! She is sensational 💜
board games 👯

Dorcas Fafali Tsey was our MC for the day and she did an impeccable job with the role. The actual programme started at approximately 11:15 am. She created a forum for participants to introduce themselves and state their category of book state. There were the Book lovers, Book flirts, Book hoarders, Book Virgins and Book addicts.


The next itinerary on the programme was a detailed account of what The Book Exchange Affair was all about and how it started. She briefed us on the programme and it’s progress over the years.

The next session was the fun part where participants interacted with themselves. We were introduced to “BooK Confessions” This section brought out the honesty and very frank views from some participants. Questions were asked about the reading progress and unfinished books, unread books, authors(Contemporary and African Writers) that are overrated.

Book Addict, Book flirt and Book lover! 💜

A few hints were given to us as readers when we don’t find reading pleasurable anymore. There were also brief interactions and collaborative exercise which ignited our spirit to read more.

The final section was the book swapping, socialisation, buying and gifting of books. We also headed for the snack stalls to tame our tums.

In Review:

My low for the programme was the very beginning. It could have been better if organizers started with a read or a spoken word interlude. It could also have been better if participants had showed up on the stipulated time. It would have been awesome to have extra time on our hands, especially during the interactive session

Book Exchange Affair!

I had also hoped for a more detailed talk not from Dorcas Fafali Tsey alone but from other organizers too. However, I was thrilled to be among such great minds, seeing how people made their expressions on books they have read and their views on the authors. The programme was overly Lit as I would end it!

I was appreciative of the free books, swapped books, recommended books, and books as gifts handed out from the organizers and participants to me. I am looking forward to a better venue and far better quarterly Book Exchange Affair than this💜

A book flirt from the Book Exchange Affair 💜

I recommend these books to you!


2. HALF OF A YELLOW SUNChimamanda Ngozi Adichie


4. A BIT OF MEOhenekyere Gifty Anti


6. A COWRIE OF HOPEBinwell Sinyangwe

7. SHE WALKS IN BEAUTYSiri L. Michelle



Watch the Trailer of the movie here

This movie is Big!
A Screenshot from Sony Pictures

Gerwig, the writer of “Little Women”, portrays her most talked about Character Josephine March, who is also known as “Jo” an aspiring and eventually a successful writer. Her up-bringing is made clear to Gerwig’s audience when she drives herself mercilessly and tastes the rejection of her works with which some writers in her vicinity are not so pleased and unhappy with.

A scene from the Movie!

The movie also takes a romantic stage. This is made real in a way where the audience could actually relate to the scenes. From the outset of the movie, Gerwig sets these two characters, Jo and Laurie as perfect for each other in every role played. With the exception of the one into which sentimental conventions would force them: and that is “Marriage”.

Jo: “it will be a lie to say I do, when I don’t…”

Jo’s career as a scribbler makes her lonely, but she is made much lonelier by the realization that love in real life does not greatly resemble the kind of love she describes in her most of her stories. Now, even though her other three sisters, Meg, Beth and Amy and her Mum loved her Write-up’s, Hers, to many didn’t meet that of the standards to what most authors and the professor wanted.

Jo does more than show affection for her family. She showed much love by cutting her hair to sell when the news broke out that her Dad was ill. She must also earn the money that supports them, and this necessity sometimes means neglecting them in favor of her work. Her love for Laurie, grew when she let him find a greater happiness in her sister Amy than she can give him as a wife. To borrow the words of Leonard Cohen, “Love, for Jo, is not a victory march”

Lessons learnt from Gerwig’s “Little Women”

1. The act of Kindness and Sacrificing is a great value.

I have never experienced anything like this as I have now in my field of endeavor. After watching this Movie, I couldn’t help but relate with the sense of Kindness and unconditional love from Marmee and her Children to other neighbors.

Let me be your shoulder and please let me make you happy”

Whenever someone utters these words, I get goosebumps and I am lost for words. Marmee shed tears when she gets to know Hannah her neighbor and children had no food for their Christmas festival. She had to pack up breakfast meant for her household to Hannah. This scene is so epic and heart-warming.

Even though they don’t have much themselves. Kindness is one of the cornerstones of how Marmee raises her girls, and in turn they learn how to weave kindness into their everyday. Tell you what, I have and I am still experiencing this act. I, however, wonder how this person does it.

2. Learn to focus more on your previous achievement and work on new dreams: Overcome the Obstacles.

From the movie, we see the attitude of strength demonstrated by Marmee. This moral trait is exhibited on the four March sisters. Their father is a chaplain for the Union army who was not living with them. This makes Marmee and her children firm in their own task. Somehow, she is seen as a woman who steers her four teenage daughters on very little money while still raising her daughters with love and values. She does this perfectly well. Her strength and activeness is impeccable! Gerwig presents her as unassuming in this movie.

3. Live for yourself and not for others.

You might probably do anything when it comes to matters of the heart. Once someone advices “If you are going to add value to yourself,it should be that you are doing it for you and not for others or anyone” Amy tells Laurie, who’s been in love with Jo for years, that he can love her forever if he chooses. She adds: “But don’t let it spoil you, for it’s wicked to throw away so many good gifts because you can’t have the one you want.”

Listen, if you are doing it because of someone else, stop and ponder over it. Remember these, do it for you and not for them! Expectations hurts! Don’t succumb to it. Learn to let go of your expectations and accept things the way they are.

Is there a more quintessential human challenge than letting go?I personally think Jo should have married Laurie. But she had her own opinion about how love should be and finally had to let Laurie go. And just like Amy suggests, I’ve let go of my expectations and accepted change. Many a time, we let the one thing we have thought we wanted destroy all the good things going on in our lives.

4. Self-love is the best!

I have come to understand this in a very wired way. Now more than ever, we have got to tell ourselves whether they care for us or not, whatever happens, the good, bad and ugly. If you don’t love yourself, there is no way you can love others too.

The Little Women quote, “Be worthy love, and love will come”. Lesson learnt: Learn not to expect someone to come along and save you or make you whole. Enjoy the moment, Live life to the fullest, Add Value to life. “We have to be fully satisfied and sure of ourselves as individuals before we can truly experience everything that love has to offer us”

Rating of “Little Women” Screenshot from Google!

This Movie was worth my time! Please find time, download and watch it too!

Time: 2hrs 15 min

Written and Directed by : Greta Gretwig

Published Dec. 23, 2019

Updated Jan. 2, 2020


An American novelist, a prolific short story writer, John Cheever, wrote that “I can’t write without a reader. It’s precisely like a kiss — of course, one can’t do this act alone.” By this, Cheever is telling his readers that the act can’t be done without having the thoughts of a reader in mind.

Last year at Native Bar and Grill. Dorcas Fafali and her Team!

The Book Exchange Affair

For most writers, it’s certainly not about the number of readers we have in mind but the loyalty of our readers. Honestly, I feel bad and suddenly depressed when I see textbooks and story books in a bad state when people feel they have exhausted it’s content and they don’t need to go back to it. My heart bleeds when I see the leaves and torn pages crying to be picked up and kept for the generation to come. I don’t know about you but I get emotional about this.

Not until recently, I found some of my secondary school days’ books and some old pamphlets. These I felt will be needed by someone who is preparing for an exams. I just had to keep it again in my small library.

I have learnt to keep books and old pamphlets for years now. Last year, I made an effort to save some money aside to build my own small library. Now, I feel gratified I did so. My siblings and an aunty who loves reading have found some kind of solace in it. I was motivated to do this by A lady who loves to read.

September came with a new vibe!

Happening live on the 26th September, 2020 at the YMCA RIDGE, (Accra) at exactly 10.00 A.M
Excited about The Book Exchange Affair 💜

A lady who loves to read and backed by a team unveiled the organization at a meet and greet held as part of the two years anniversary held, November last year.

Readers Truss, I believe is committed to cultivating, igniting and inspiring a habitual reading culture among individuals, families, and other organizations or companies. It is my goal to have a room full of books and to ignite the spirit of reading in my family, some years to come! If you think this goal is awe-inspiring, and you would like us to do this as a team, then, ride along with me as we attend this very lit upcoming event at YMCA, RIDGE (ACCRA). At exactly, 10a.m, on the 26th September, 2020. with other book lovers and Prolific writers.

Remember not to come empty-handed. Rather, bring a Novel or a story book along to exchange with someone. Come prepared because, I bet you will have to go home with new books too!

It’s a September to Remember!!

Book lovers! Three Akosua’s and An Afriyie!

THE ESCAPE – Gomoa Wonderland.

Science says that we seek out nature not only for our physical survival and growth, but because nature is good for our personal and social well-being.

As part my plans to make the most out of a day and reconnect with nature, a thoughtful idea came up. I just had to obey my instincts on that. Three different places, activities and ideas came in mind. My week days after the Covid-19 Lockdown is so packed. Tell you what, I barely have enough time for sleep and taking myself out like I do. My kind of fun may not be as interesting and wild as others would have it.

Judging from my personality and perspective in life, I have come to realize that doing you and what makes you happy is paramount.Things I am always down for and no questions asked:

1. Road Trips Hot coffee and a good conversation Music Shoppings. Food- not just any. (Kenkey) Breakfast for Dinner Naps

Ask me to join you on a Road Trip to a far away land and I will gladly embrace such opportunity.The weekend ended with me booking a tent to sleep under the skies. Crazy as the idea sounds, gave me a little fright!

Gomoa Wonderland is the place to reconnect with nature and people as well. The wonderland is located at Gomoa Eduafo. A 30 minutes drive after Kasoa.

After speaking with Kwabena Oppon Kusi,(an organizer), and booking my tent, I had to pack few items for my weekend trip to this serenity. Surprisingly, I didn’t have difficulties with locating the place. I guess it’s because I’m close by.

On Friday around 4p.m after close of work, I had set off and unpacked in anticipation of the activities lined up for us(myself and other campers I didn’t even know).

I’m that young lady who loves shopping, but I would rather travel the world in one t-shirt than sit in my room and shop for clothes from all over the world.

Boy Oh Boy!

I love to travel.

I follow travel blogs,travel accounts on Facebook and on Instagram.

Seeing people share different stories from all over the world stirs up a lot of excitement in my heart especially from Africa because it is such a beautiful continent.I’m pretty sure you will love to experience the floating jetty with detachable raft. This looks scary but trust me it’s fun; when you lie on the Jetty and observe the serene nature or the man-made lake.

Lounging in the tent under the skies was actually my first time and a wonderful experience.I had booked the tent and a slot for myself before the weekend. Interacting with some of the organizers made me realize this event.The escape started not too long ago and it’s an event done every last weekend of every month. The motive is to bring people together to experience another beautiful serenity in the Central Region.

The lake, which could be said a natural one isn’t so. Rather,it turned out to be a man-made lake. The dame as most call it, has a beautiful view and around it is the Bamboo Grove.

Take me back to secondary school days when fun-fairs, excursions and “Inter-co” was the joy that brought most people from different schools together as a form of socialization. We can’t forget times of indoor and outdoor games too.

Personally, having a lot of fun like people do, is not in my good books. However, connecting with nature and enjoying the breeze of the sea makes me happy. As a blogger, doing this ignites a refreshing spirit in me to carry on for the rest of the days ahead!

Call me a Scrabble lover and a lover of some Ghanaian board games like Ludu, oware and playing of “Jamies-to-you” (Cards).The fun didn’t end there. On Saturday evening, there was a bonfire night. Coupled with Jungle Rave at the Bamboo Grove. This was done with most people singing to Ghanaian songs, dancing and sitting close to the fire. It was a sight to behold- trust me.

Food was so not a problem for us. The organizers made them available and none had a problem with the kind they provided for us. Breakfast, lunch, and supper was just perfect!Ask Teggtag about the wonderland Coconut mixes!!!

Couldn’t get enough of everything the wonderland had.You should join me next time on this road trip to if not another place of serenity, then in September, we will go back to the Wonderland and make it a “Ritual” Retreat!

Gomoa Wonderland!☺️

Just give me a call in May.

Looking back, I realized I have taken life too seriously and a look at my pictures currently tells of a different story. Last year, I psyched my mind to have fun, learn something new, or visit a place once a month. Formally, I would always go to a boutique with a cousin to purchase clothes. January 2019, got me shopping alone for the first time. it’s certainly not my fault it’s probably because of the training I got while growing up. My circle of friends would want me to be the outgoing, flexible and spontaneous type. Even though spontaneity is done without planning, being a spontaneous person takes a lot of practice and some people are born with this spark while others just develop the love for it. I admit, I was “stuck-up” and the fun part was missing. The guy next door didn’t understand why I’d go to work at 8 a.m., close at 5p.m and still stay indoors. To him, weekends were supposed to be relaxing days and he couldn’t just fathom why someone would give an excuse to be preoccupied. A walk through that boutique got me sweet-talking and bargaining real hard for a dress for my date that evening.

A night at KFC Restaurant certainly went into my diary as part of my “Have fun once every month” it may be good to occasionally (or perhaps frequently) do something that seems outrageous to people and perhaps to you. Do something people won’t even expect. It will always keep your life interesting and keep other people from thinking they have you tucked away nicely in a little box of their own design.Alanis Morissette said in his books…
Courage and willingness to just go for it, whether it is a conversation or a spontaneous trip, or trying new things is a very attractive quality.

The importance of being spontaneous is keeping your mind fresh and experiencing less stress, finding an inspiration anywhere and having to live outside your comfort zone once a while. This time around I was tired of watching movies all alone on my laptop at home. February gave me a good treat and helped me experience beauty like never before. I had a blast that month at a Cinema.

People who are spontaneous have adventure in their eyes and they don’t let the moments pass them by and see regrets only in missed opportunities. They are the people who don’t live day to day but rather for each day. Doing outrageous things means doing different things to different people. For one, it might mean climbing the Mount Everest and to another, it might mean a change of style of clothing and a new appearance. I used to dress in a very simply and not so classy way even though I love the glitz and classy styles I see my peers put on. I decided to be a bit creative and fabulous in my appearance. Just looking simple but in a stylish way. This trend brought out the confidence in me and in my way of speaking.

Don’t just say a list of things you would want to do; just do it when you say it. Try doing something new every month and monitor your progress. Take driving lessons, learn how to sew a dress, stop procrastinating and write that book, take swimming lessons, read that novel and be a spontaneous person today. In the month of March, I had to fulfil a promise by attending a friend’s wedding ceremony. Formally, I would have stayed home to have a good sleep, read or watch movies (as usual). Attending this ceremony brought back memories from the past… seeing how grown and splendid my school mates have become gave me an inspiration to write a new piece. It was exhilarating to know that days prior, I had no idea I would be talking to some of them once again and staring at this beautiful scenery.

We are not created by God to merely do the same thing over and over until it has no meaning left at all. I don’t want people to think they have me all figured out and although I want to be dependable and faithful, and not always predictable. Sometimes, we do get bored with our lives and what we can do is to pray and ask of a creative idea from God just to shake up our lives and keep us on our toes. I have certainly got the Month of April covered with lots of fun activities to get boredom off my chest but I’m uncertain about the Month of May. So if you are reading this and you need a fun filled day, Just give me a call this May!