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    In loving memory of Our Teacher, Friend, Family and Cheer leader. Hey King Tokoli, BIB Band (TV3 Musical Show- 10 years ago) Here you are doing what you love most! It’s been a long time. I’m sorry I haven’t said “Hello”. I don’t want to blame it on work or frivolities. Neither will I blame […]

  • Tired of praying for the same thing?

    There is nothing like physical pain to drive you to your knees in prayer. Time after time, I cried out to God for a sign about decisions that I take in life. Even as daily prayer, I grew weary in going to God about the same thing day in and day out. One of the […]

  • Lockdown Challenge #Day14❀

    First lap of the Lockdown Challenge ends today! I’m thrilled we did this together and i must say i enjoyed every bit of the challenge. Some days were unplanned and some were scheduled. You should see me in person Lol… No o i haven’t gained weight. Lol… There were days i had to go to […]

  • Lockdown Challenge #Day 13πŸ’₯

    The most simple things can make my day. Take for instance, a bottle of Red wine (non- alcoholic) please… and play me one of my favourite Soul or Rhythm and Blue (R&B) songs from the 1990’s. Now, before i pen down a piece, my spirit should already be acclimatize to the environment that will bring […]

  • Lockdown Challenge #Day 12πŸ˜‰

    Dawn prayersπŸ™ I expected an extension to happen but i really thought there was going to be a break or two for us to move around freely. Yesterday, In Ghana, it was expected. Hearing the official announcement from the President himself made me realize the situation has really gone bad. Now, i am starting to […]


    “Hi there, tell me about yourself“🀷 The last time someone approched me with this sentence was somewhere late last year. Sincerely, i think he had wanted us to be friends. The kind of friendship which could probably lead to something huh…i presume that is what you are thinking. But please don’t get me wrong here. […]

  • Lockdown Challenge #Day 10😎

    It was very peaceful and the whole area was somewhat or could be said a “ghost town” when i stepped out today. Lol…don’t get me wrong, i needed some cash today and i just needed to go to an ATM close by. The Mallam Junction i knew before, per my observation today was peaceful and […]

  • Lockdown Challenge #Day 9πŸ™‚

    What are you currently reading? Read!! Read!! Read!! Seriously, we’ve got to read… Tell me what you are currently reading. I’d love to know. Be safe❀ Cheers!✌

  • Lockdown Challenge #Day 7!β™₯️

    Hello guys! It’s the first day of the week. And we are still battling with the pandemic. I’m pretty sure and know that God is with his people and just like his words says, he will never leave us nor forsake us! We’re in this together as a country and we will surely overcome it!✌ […]

  • Lockdown Challenge #Day 6!

    Surprise Saturday!!! Struggling to create someting? Don’t be… To all writers or those who have a passion for creative arts, this is our chance! I just had to save this for today! It is Surprise Saturday as i would love to call it! If you’ve still not figured out what to do with this Lockdown, […]

  • Lockdown Challenge #Day 5.

    Guess what i would have done if there was no lockdown in the country because of Coronavirus on a friday! 1. I’d have wore my African print and be looking all stylish to work. (mind you i love African Prints!) 2. Close of work would mean travelling back to Accra for a fun-filled weekend. But […]

  • Lockdown Challenge #Day 4πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

    The Month of April certainly came with a new vibe. I pray it fills us with Bliss, happiness and drives the pandemic away! Amen. Guys, i’m having a lot of fun with this lockdown challenge. Who would have thought! Days prior, i remember vividly telling a friend i hate this. I guess developing this Strategy […]