Dorcas Fafali Tsey was our MC! She is sensational πŸ’œ
board games πŸ‘―

Dorcas Fafali Tsey was our MC for the day and she did an impeccable job with the role. The actual programme started at approximately 11:15 am. She created a forum for participants to introduce themselves and state their category of book state. There were the Book lovers, Book flirts, Book hoarders, Book Virgins and Book addicts.


The next itinerary on the programme was a detailed account of what The Book Exchange Affair was all about and how it started. She briefed us on the programme and it’s progress over the years.

The next session was the fun part where participants interacted with themselves. We were introduced to “BooK Confessions” This section brought out the honesty and very frank views from some participants. Questions were asked about the reading progress and unfinished books, unread books, authors(Contemporary and African Writers) that are overrated.

Book Addict, Book flirt and Book lover! πŸ’œ

A few hints were given to us as readers when we don’t find reading pleasurable anymore. There were also brief interactions and collaborative exercise which ignited our spirit to read more.

The final section was the book swapping, socialisation, buying and gifting of books. We also headed for the snack stalls to tame our tums.

In Review:

My low for the programme was the very beginning. It could have been better if organizers started with a read or a spoken word interlude. It could also have been better if participants had showed up on the stipulated time. It would have been awesome to have extra time on our hands, especially during the interactive session

Book Exchange Affair!

I had also hoped for a more detailed talk not from Dorcas Fafali Tsey alone but from other organizers too. However, I was thrilled to be among such great minds, seeing how people made their expressions on books they have read and their views on the authors. The programme was overly Lit as I would end it!

I was appreciative of the free books, swapped books, recommended books, and books as gifts handed out from the organizers and participants to me. I am looking forward to a better venue and far better quarterly Book Exchange Affair than thisπŸ’œ

A book flirt from the Book Exchange Affair πŸ’œ

I recommend these books to you!


2. HALF OF A YELLOW SUNChimamanda Ngozi Adichie


4. A BIT OF MEOhenekyere Gifty Anti


6. A COWRIE OF HOPEBinwell Sinyangwe

7. SHE WALKS IN BEAUTYSiri L. Michelle



An American novelist, a prolific short story writer, John Cheever, wrote that β€œI can’t write without a reader. It’s precisely like a kiss β€” of course, one can’t do this act alone.” By this, Cheever is telling his readers that the act can’t be done without having the thoughts of a reader in mind.

Last year at Native Bar and Grill. Dorcas Fafali and her Team!

The Book Exchange Affair

For most writers, it’s certainly not about the number of readers we have in mind but the loyalty of our readers. Honestly, I feel bad and suddenly depressed when I see textbooks and story books in a bad state when people feel they have exhausted it’s content and they don’t need to go back to it. My heart bleeds when I see the leaves and torn pages crying to be picked up and kept for the generation to come. I don’t know about you but I get emotional about this.

Not until recently, I found some of my secondary school days’ books and some old pamphlets. These I felt will be needed by someone who is preparing for an exams. I just had to keep it again in my small library.

I have learnt to keep books and old pamphlets for years now. Last year, I made an effort to save some money aside to build my own small library. Now, I feel gratified I did so. My siblings and an aunty who loves reading have found some kind of solace in it. I was motivated to do this by A lady who loves to read.

September came with a new vibe!

Happening live on the 26th September, 2020 at the YMCA RIDGE, (Accra) at exactly 10.00 A.M
Excited about The Book Exchange Affair πŸ’œ

A lady who loves to read and backed by a team unveiled the organization at a meet and greet held as part of the two years anniversary held, November last year.

Readers Truss, I believe is committed to cultivating, igniting and inspiring a habitual reading culture among individuals, families, and other organizations or companies. It is my goal to have a room full of books and to ignite the spirit of reading in my family, some years to come! If you think this goal is awe-inspiring, and you would like us to do this as a team, then, ride along with me as we attend this very lit upcoming event at YMCA, RIDGE (ACCRA). At exactly, 10a.m, on the 26th September, 2020. with other book lovers and Prolific writers.

Remember not to come empty-handed. Rather, bring a Novel or a story book along to exchange with someone. Come prepared because, I bet you will have to go home with new books too!

It’s a September to Remember!!

Book lovers! Three Akosua’s and An Afriyie!