Movie Review: “CREED II”


I struggle to sleep in the evenings and I sometimes have to create my own atmosphere for sleep to come for me. I either read books to sleep, listen to music- and “the weeknd “or “Adele” will always be my lullaby. Days when I get bored, I rely on movies (adventurous ones). I doze off somehow in the middle of these… I guess this is my antidote now.

Yesterday, I just had to re-watch this movie “Creed” after work. I could swear I have watched this movie and felt nothing afterwards but it was different re-watching it again.

“Growing up to the way he did, to making it to the top, of boxing in this way… It’s unprecedented. It’s one thing to be the number one contender and a whole other thing to be a Champion!”

These words sends shivers down my spine.

I can’t give you a vivid plot of the story or narrate the movie either -that will be a bore. You might not enjoy the movie when I narrate it.

Creed II is a 2018 American sports drama film directed by Steven Calped Jnr. and written by Sylvester Stallone The movie follows a fight over 33yrs in the making, as Michael B. Jordan starred as Adonis Creed meets a new adversary in the ring; a Russian fighter Viktor Dragon, son of Ivan Drago, the powerful athlete who killed Adonis’ father Apollo Creed.

Having watched “Creed II”, I picked life lessons from this movie.

1. You got this! – Bianca Taylor’s phrase…

As a blogger, I keep reminding myself that nobody is going to believe in my God-given talents and gifts if I don’t believe in myself. Adonis Creed maybe stubborn but he had certainly got something – a heart! Creed’s career was on the verge of breaking, he was still recovering from injuries in his last fight with Drago. But, he believed it was possible to defeat this “dangerous boxer” as Rocky puts it.

Sometimes, you are to claim it even when the future looks impossible. In those moments when we feel all hope is lost, talk to God and Tell yourself “You’ve got this!”

2. Don’t throw in the towel yet.

So many a time, we throw in the towel and feel certain things aren’t just worth fighting for. But then, life is real hard and trust me the hustle now is real. Pause, look around you, you sometimes feel like quitting that Job because the problems keep coming and the more you try to fight it, the more intense it becomes. The house you might probably be living in has got lots of Vilifications and you just can’t wait to leave, your relationship keeps getting worse each day and You just can’t forgive yourself of the past. However, life can be full of beauties when we stay on track.

Creed had to take care of a disabled wife, and his daughter’s health, go through a horrible pain of growing up without a father to finally taking care of Rocky. One thing is for sure, “the struggle you are in right now is preparing you for the bigger picture” disappointment is not an excuse to give up.

3. Regardless, accept one another.

Adonis didn’t want to forgive Rocky for not approving of a “dangerous and an epic fight” Accepting and moving on is the best decision one can ever make. It hurts but reconsidering feels much easier. Personally, I have tried this and I felt much better afterwards. Just try this lesson.

4. What are you Fighting for – Rocky’s statement to Creed when he lost to Drago.

Adonis’ Ego as he entered the ring to fight with Drago made him loose the fight. He just couldn’t pinpoint what he was fighting for but rather prove to people he was the world heavyweight champion. Sometimes, we really want to prove to people we are the best; but is that necessary? People don’t really care what happens to us whether we achieve successes or we are hit by failure along the line. Bottom line is, better prove to yourself and not others… What are you really fighting for?

5. Turn off your brain and let your heart do the talking. – Rocky’s statement to Creed.

Guys!!! What’s the right words to say to a girl when you are madly in love with her and finally want to get serious with her? We don’t need Book-knowledge here 😂 Just be natural as possible. Your girl loves you for who you are. Hey, I ain’t saying borrow Creed’s words… What I am saying is search within that heart of yours and tell it to do the talking!

This is a must watch movie!😎😍. I loved watching it…

Images: Creed II

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