6p.m at Kokrobite Beach Resort

It’s funny how I am sitting here at the Kokrobite beach Resort all alone with the waves screaming at me “Girl, how are you feeling in general about this new chapter”?




Hungry and yearning for more

I have typed, retyped and deleted this post and many others I felt it wasn’t worth reading.

I have questioned my sanity and pinched myself so many times.

I have felt good about myself for a gesture of yesterday and for an honour bestowed upon several times.

I have teared and hugged myself because none was around to feel my warm embrace.

I have hated myself so many times when they say “oh, you are too calm, composed, cool and collected- not flexible.

I have loved and lost, disappointed and pained greatly.

However, my faith in God never changed

“God never brought me this far to let me go”- this line always hits me when I get discouraged.

I often reflect on the person I was in my early 20’s and I honestly don’t recognize me anymore. I felt scared to potentially take the wrong path in life and end up in some dead end I didn’t like. Thankfully that isn’t the case whatsoever, and I have not only proved to myself, but those also around me that you can find happiness in what you do. Sadly, I never go back the kind of happiness I deserved. I have pretty much been hard on myself and neglected the best for myself.

4th September 💜

Things have been eating me up these past few days, weeks, months, years. It’s absurd how life takes a different turn one minute and the next minute things begin to look blurry. My only place of solace and regeneration is my blog, God, and a few male friends who have sworn to talk to me till I fall asleep on my bad days. (I appreciate the love and comfort).

I have experienced unrequited love and for months now, sleep refuses to make it’s way successfully. I have questioned my sanity and felt like I amounted to no good. Evenings became more lonelier like the face of an owl. I always will call on some trusted friends pour my heart out, cry inwardly and lie to my hollow heart; it’s fine girl, you have got this!

It wasn’t! I just needed a hug and someone to assure me I definitely wasn’t going crazy. It was a face of life every young adult struggles with and that it will certainly pass. I overwork myself, sit at the shore alone, talk to myself, it wasn’t just working! I just couldn’t come to terms with the fact that someone who cared about you now ignores and sees you as a total stranger.

So today, 4th September, a new chapter brings… I rummage through my heart, search through my inner self, and I came out with:

Forgiving myself first

Forgetting the past- Even though it’s hard. It’s real hard forgetting about my loss, a heart-break, an unrequited love, disappointment, and a lot I keep harbouring inside.

Living an intentional life and being happy regardless of whatever life threw at me.

Loving myself- I have struggled with this a lot.

Listen to this song 👇👇👇

Reckless love of God by Cory Asbury

I apologize…

Hey guys ♥️

Aunty Akosua, my name sake says I shouldn’t point out my weakness to people otherwise they will easily notice them. Rather than saying I’m not the chatty person, she urges me to say, “I’ll have to improve on my conversational skills”

I just post and go almost like this blogger and readers relationship is inanimate. In 2020, I actually had a lot of plans for this blog and I was so excited about it but it looks like those goals couldn’t even hit day one. I wanted to write a lot of articles and poems, share updates on real life experiences, lifestyle, career etc. I don’t blame my lack of ability to post anything for so long on myself only. Life takes part blame. There’s been a lot of paradigm shift. From academics, social life, family and my entirety in Christ. This year I’ve grown so much and I’m appreciative of it because I can’t recognize who I was years ago (honestly).

I can’t express my feelings except to say; I’m really sorry.

I’m trusting the entire journey. So basically I’m here to apologize to my readers 😢💚💙💜. For being absent even though you absolutely love my poems and being disconnected from this lovely relationship of ours. I do hope I can make amends so we can fall in love with this blog once again. This an apology of sorts, a lame one, I know but thank you for taking time to read 💚 . Thank you Dr. for pushing me to come back. I absolutely appreciate it.

A Reason To Respond To Positive Vibes Only.

Welcome to 2020 my loves.

Self-improvement is key!

Whosh it’s been awhile!

I missed you too and I am sorry for the long silence.

I am in the best of moods right now because my 2019 came to a stand still and I had the best of times last year! All the things I wanted to do, I did, the best of places, I visited. I made the best of acquaintances. 2020 is unplanned and I have less expectations. We just have to believe in God’s plans…

My ranting is over now. 😂

The affirmative answer will go a long way to take your happiness. For some time now, responding to “yes” seems easy for me. Even though I sometimes feel the pain in my chest, I will have to respond affirmatively so people are happy. It’s as if the negative answer ‘No’, wasn’t in my good-books. Now I am just thinking aloud, “Maybe, akosua, just maybe- if you could respond negatively, you’d have gained a lot. I felt stupid. Maybe I am stupid.

1 Be a risk Taker!

The real Deal!

Cousin Barbs: Just go and tell ’em you want this!

Me: Are you sure about me doing this?

Somehow, I’ll prefer not to take the risk of doing something and losing out. I’ll probably never forgive myself if it goes wrong. Sometime ago, in my pursuit of finding the right career, I’d take sides. So having paid a huge amount of money that could buy a new phone or a new laptop which I have always dreamt of, I had to risk it to a Venture. Months passed, I felt stupid and lost faith. I blamed myself, for having put up with this “gamble” of a game!

Geezzzz, I had to compose myself and talk to my inner spirit.

Girl, sh** happens in life and you’ve got to brace yourself to take more risk in the future”

Some one did say this in passing… risk taking adds flavor and spice to everyday’s life. It’s like “an immune booster”

It’s like climbing a rooftop without a ladder (ridiculous huh?) chances are that, you will either lose or win in this game! Life itself is a risk; so why not take the chance.

You can’t learn anything worthwhile whiles playing it safe all the time. Let yourself go. I didn’t die when I told him I was crushing hard…did I? Love unrequited! A negative response was given and I read in between the lines!funny story, but I grew into thoughts of taking chances and risking it.

You want to further your studies but you are in doubts of the financial situation currently? Remember I said, “Sh**” does happens in life. Go ahead… Forget about who is going to pay that huge amount and apply already! Things always work out in the end. When we face the things we fear most, we later realize there was nothing to fear in the first place.

2. Can we start saving?

This isn’t my biggest challenge! I actually learnt how to do this back in High school. Along the line, I felt it was pointless saving. After Uni, Mum stopped giving out. I felt shy asking for money to buy basic stuff I needed. The pressure was real hard! The hustle should begin!

Open an account with any good bank, get an ATM card for yourself, Learn to put some money away, learn not to touch it. Save as much as you could. It shouldn’t be necessarily a huge amount. Start small but don’t stop it. little bits of money put away will soon be big enough to be invested in a venture that could bring reasonable results.

3. Learn more

Last year, I realized there’s a lot of things I thought I knew but Lo, I could be said a “Tabula rasa”. I knew I had to read, learn more and gain knowledge. Not to Kowtow-

Just take my phone for two minutes and you’ll get to know there’s nothing interesting on it. Of course, the “Whatssap, instagram and WordPress” app keeps me busy with a boring lecture. What about the need to scroll up and down looking at my favorite images and smiling- Narcissistic? I wouldn’t say I am.

Could it be that we are not making good use of the social media apps? A friend is on twitter 24/7 and finds the need of scrolling through to read about the daily happenings and trending stories. It’s knowledge! Can this year be my year of finding facts and evidence? Not having “boring” explanations to every argument…

4. Hipsy- they call me.

Be in shape. Take care of the body. It’s all you have. People will leave your life but your body won’t leave you. It’s the only thing that’s going to be with you till your last breath. So why don’t you spend some time to care for this friend?

I’m not consistent with this. But I find it pleasurable when they stare and call me “hipsy”.

Hip squats

Of course… “The GA girl is naturally endowed with a curvy outlook” what’s her secret! Before I shower, I go round the field for sometime, do a few squats, make sure I smell of sweat! Squeezing of lime into water to bath, or an antiseptic (detrol) does the fragrance.

5. Be “Miss Sloane!”

A film by John Madden. An old movie (2016) written by Jonathan Perera. The protagonist, Jessica Chastain, starring as Hadeline Elizabeth Sloane, never gave a fu**k about life. Over thinking drains you as a person. We’re growing; we don’t have to give a loot about what people think about you and the way you run your life. It’s up to you to know your value in life and act wisely. People will say what they want to say but remember, you are the captain of this ship called “Your life”.

Once, I was lambasted because of miscommunication. I had to keep mute and compose myself about the whole situation. It’s called “maturity and self-respect” when you don’t succumb to opinions of others.

People will have their opinions as to how best you can run your life but it’s your life. Listen but take your own decisions. Don’t be forced to take decisions that don’t sit well with your spirit. Don’t allow people to live their lives through you. If they know how best to live a life, then they should live it. Be you and the best of you is always the goal.

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#My 2019 Story.

I readily agreed because I wanted to inspire others with my journey.

Of all the years, 2019, has been a memorable one. I call it my year of daring and breaking of bounds. I had lots of plans, thankfully majority of them were realized through sweat, tears, smiles and every single minute, God came through for me even when I didn’t deserve it. It was a miracle most of the time. I shared testimonies and inspired people through my journey in blogging.

1. I successfully started my journey in blogging with the help of a Colleague. I will always be grateful to Prince Kwakye for his immerse support and contribution towards this journey of mine. Days prior, I never dreamt of getting a new laptop for my write-up’s and for work. You see, it was God there. He always bring wonderful people to me to either teach me a lesson or make a positive or negative impact in my life. Keep reading and following more on a Poetess Akosua’s blog for new and exciting pieces.

2. Years ago, I always found solace in my room either brooding on the past, present or what the future holds. But God made me understand that I shouldn’t be anxious about anything rather trust in his words. This mentality got me stepping out of my comfort zone to either explore nature or meet new people.

2019 made me more spontaneous and outgoing. I had lots of fun and did new things. Notable one that got me was helping to plan a stage performance, wedding ceremony, celebrating my bestie on her birthday, surprising couple of friends who share the same passion and a lot of fun activities with my favourite people. Wish I could do that over and over again.

3. My fantasy of having to work in a corporate world came to past with the help of God. I had my one year National Service at Parliament of Ghana. The experience was an overwhelming one. It gave me the chance to do a lot of writing, editing and typing. Now, I can say for sure I type very fast. I loved it there at Parliament and will always have fond memories of senior members and fellow colleagues. The experience gave me the chance to learn tolerance, explore, and meet new people.

4. I don’t know if this is a miracle or just one of the normal things a young lady has to go through at a point in life. But I have gained a lot of weight and currently, your girl weighs 54.5kg. Last year, was horrific and depressing back in school. I told myself, I will pay attention to my body, looks and how I carry myself. I ate well and didn’t skip breakfast. Mind you, I love to eat. I am thankful to God for this massive transformation. God did it again!

5. I hardly blog about my relationship with the opposite sex but something happened this year. And I have learnt lessons from it. To learn that friendship comes naturally and there is no need to rush or force it.

Even though I wish things would go back to its normal state, I just can’t change and I will have to accept it this way. It was not a smooth experience for me but God has been faithful. And it tells me I still have courage within but I need to be open minded about sensitive issues like this. Regardless, it made me stronger and tells me I have a lot of psyching to do. I broke the rules of caging my words and letting go. It was real hard dealing with it.

6. I got the chance to learn from Kwesi Pratt and Justice Appiah of Pan African Television Station. I learned about reporting and news writing, how to operate the technical devices at a television station. It was an overwhelming experience.

7. I got a well-paid job! Whoop! Whoop! We definitely need to celebrate this miracle. Just let me know the time and day so we do some dancing and popping of champagne. God did it again. His ways aren’t mine and thoughts aren’t mine. He gave me a testimony to share with all. Months ago, I was pensive in thoughts and kept asking myself “what’s next for me after national service?” I realized God was preparing something for me. You see, he works in miraculous ways that we can’t comprehend. After being bombarded with questions at the interview with six panels, I concluded this was one of my worst moments but it turned out to be one of my many testimonies.

8. I had to stop and ask myself “Why the sudden demise”? I lost my friend and classmate! 😣 This really broke my heart and left me shattered. Life is never fair! May she rest in peace!

9. September, the 9th month, my birth month. Every 4th September, I celebrate God’s blessings for my life. This I do quietly in my room either watching movies, going to the beach side (my favourite place) or listening to my favourite songs and planning my next step in life. But this year, September didn’t go as planned. All my plans for my birthday was unfulfilled. I can only pray and keep my fingers crossed for another fun in 2020. Hopefully, I will surely get to really enjoy a birthday I have always dreamt of.

10. I started writing my book this year and hopefully next year, I will be publishing it! You know the wave of I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I’m down that hits you out of nowhere? This story got me wallowing in grumpiness, self-pity and indifference. But how I got out and found myself is a mystery…

11. I conquered my fear of heights this year. The feeling is unexplainable. I can say for sure that I am a girl who is going to do big things and cannot let little things or trivial issues get to her!

12. One thing I failed to do this year is to give myself a chance to love again 😂 scared huh? Or so not part of my plans this year? We’re not in a haste or hurry. Marriage can wait but mummy says you should reconsider and pray about your decisions.

13. Let’s talk about finances and savings. I guess I did great by saving…yeah. but the problem was my consistent buying of heels! !!!🙈 I couldn’t just see a heel and pass by.

14. An opportunity came by this year and God made it possible! I will be telling another testimony soon 😂😂😍!

To those asking why the sudden transformation? God saw me through my bad and good moments and he said it was time to get up and focus on myself and his promises.

I’m a storyteller and a living Testimony!

Waiting for 2020 ! Like this…

Tears roll down from our eyes!

Some remember their first and last encounter with you

Others may have forgotten the very first day they saw you

After so many years

But, for us, your homies, your Squad, the people you call- family, friends, “Katalambano”, we will always have fond memories of our very encounter with you

You, you, were all we could think about the day we went out in grand style to celebrate God’s union

You were all we could think about the day we saw you lying and pleading “Homies, please don’t leave me alone”

You were all we could think about when you were battling with your life.

All we could think about when you got well and now-all we can say is “Jessy, rest well in God’s bossom”

As tears roll down our face,

We know you’re in a better place.

We close our eyes to see your face,
suddenly we feel a warm embrace.

With a smile so wide,

it brings tears to our eyes.

We try so hard not to cry;

all of our pain we cannot hide.

Your words cut us : “I know definitely I am going to be a beautiful bride”

Jessica, please return to us if possible!

You have broken my heart, our hearts,

A GRACOSA’s heart is Broken!

Some of us are shaking

We are in shock!

We don’t know if we will ever understand,
but it must be part of God’s plan.

As we look up towards the blue sky,
We imagine you spreading your wings to fly.

Be sure to give Mom a sign

so she knows you are in Heaven
and everything is fine.

As the tears roll down our face,
We know you are in a better place.

Writer: Linda Amoni.

A poem to Jessica Baiden (A GRACOSA) May your soul rest in Peace!

We miss you and you will always be remembered!


Throwing of birthday parties aren’t really my thing but honestly, I’ll be overwhelmed if someone could spoil me silly and give me a treat on my birthday. Lol…

Years back, at school, on every 4th September, I will have my birthday at the sea side (my favorite place) enjoying the breeze and plan for the coming years. I usually do a self- reflection analysis a lot and try to redirect my thinking. I will always choose the beach side.

I never really had time to do my own “let’s sit eat and drink birthday kind of thing”. Days prior, I will remember, and brush it off like any ordinary day.
To me, September, will always remain significant. Not because it’s my birth month, but I share the same birth month with most of my close friends and family relations and we just click like something.

Yesterday was not planned, it wasn’t even on my basket list. I woke up by God’s grace with 3rd September plans in mind for 4th September.

Meeting with a panel for an intensive orientation.

Shopping for some clothes and shoes for work.

Going to Bojo Beach Resort with the “Trio”

Going to church for a Debate Competition.

Watching movies in the evening at home and reading goodwill messages from friends and families.

This was like a rough sketch of how my 2019 birthday was going to look like.

Oh I had plans
I really thought I had this week figured out but… this scripture has been screaming at me for the past few years,

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand”. Proverbs 19:21 ESV

I didn’t plan on staying in bed for some hours before setting out for my trip.

I didn’t really plan on preparing for a debate competition and postponing my dates.

Friends at the Nsawam Road church of Christ

I didn’t really plan on getting home exhausted and finally going to bed. Nope that was certainly not part of the plan!

Your wishes reminded me I have a family and friends who support and will be there for me; regardless. I love you guys so much and God bless you for all your wishes.


What’s Next?

Merriment! Stress! Hard work! Mistakes! Learning-process! Socialisation! Clearly, the facial expression I gave each waking morning to work gave my inner-being a state of how my day was going to look like and end. I always dreamt of seeing myself countless times going back into the classroom. I love to teach and I like it when I make an impact on a life. The thought of it gives me joy and fills my head with memories.

This time around, Fate called me out of my comfort zone and told me to challenge myself with a new trend. I could have said “No” when the opportunity came. Initially, I objected to the idea of having to work in a corporate world because I felt it wasn’t my calling. A lot of people fantasise about working in a recognised organisation and I think I might have had fantasies in the past. I’d imagine myself sitting behind a desk, wearing one of these stylish dresses and portraying myself like the C.E.O of the company—my kind of fantasy, with the help of God came true.

I end my one-year National Service Programme this August. Parliament Head Office or should I say, House of Parliament or better still, Office of Parliament. Whatever it is, my readers, I had mixed feelings each day and it was indescribable. This is what Fate has given me and I just don’t pay heed when onlookers think this is too much for me to handle. Forget about the comfortability, forget about the serene environment, and forget about the “l’argent” as some people claim we get practically every day, Forget about the “hype” we get when we walk in and out of the premises of the House.
It was an experience if you would ask me. Hopefully, these experiences acquired, will prepare us for the job market someday. Practically, I wouldn’t describe my experience as a gayety one because of the name of the institution. I would rather say that, it gave me the chance to look within my inner-being and right the wrong; explore more, and be very spontaneous. It tells me I don’t know it all. I have a lot of reading, learning and psyching to do as a young lady.

From the outset, I was a bit sad because, Politics, as a subject, is one I wouldn’t want to be engaged in for whatever reason. I have always had a different perception of how I see people in the Political terrain. Honestly, I see these people as intellectuals who will win an argument and prove to all that they have facts of what they talk about. I wouldn’t want to visualise myself as a “Parliamentarian”— -that was my “childish notion”.
On the other hand, at some point in time, I yearn to learn the political terms used by these Honourable Members in the Chamber, during parliamentary proceedings. Names, positions and constituencies of these Senior Members were sometimes difficult to recall. I would ask myself, “What at all will I be using these for?”


I was assigned to the Hansard Department which was also known as the Official Report Department. In this department, I dealt with editing, proofreading and type-setting of the daily Hansard. The Hansard refers to an edited transcript (written record) of debates and proceedings in the Chamber. In the House of Parliament, the Hansard Reporters, do a thorough check of semantics, spelling, Cross-checking, sentence fragment and construction of sentences, reporting, and some editorial work and type-settings. The final work on the Hansard is the bound volume. The bound volume is a compilation of all the Hansards for a particular meeting into one complete volumebook.

My knowledge in English language, as many would say, is a build- up to what I was assigned to do in the office. The nature of the work, tedious as it seems, was flexible to me as a service person. The perception is, most graduates who do National Service are inexperienced and don’t have the know-how on the job yet. To some, they saw us to be amateur.

I wouldn’t have considered this sector in the least. The one-year experience with staff, Fellow interns, national service personnel, some senior members and interactions with some Honourable Members was an exhilarating feeling.


“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.”- of course pay people with kindness and a good attitude.

It was difficult accepting different views and opinions in the office and within the department. In my previous experiences, I learnt to tolerate views and to accept people regardless of what life threw at me.

The entrance of the office of Parliament is guarded by security men and women, and I must say most of them would describe me as the young lady who comes to work with her earphones in her ears, who would smile and call them by names to greet them.
The food vendors around Kofi Annan Training Institute, and the MP’s’ Coffee Shop would describe me as the young, smallish lady who wouldill always speak in a silky voice when buying. I made lots of friends in different departments and made sure to call people by their names.
How would people in my office describe me? Some might have a different view of my work ethics and relationship with them. Through it all, it was fun and the experience is unforgettable. Most of them, I called “Uncles and Aunties”; some saw me as their little sister and would never cease the opportunity to advise me.

Lessons learnt

Here is a reality check for every young professional out there: if you live and work simply to impress or please others, or to gain a positive affirmation and praise of those around you, then you are either setting yourself up for failure or a total misery because people will not always praise you; even when you do your ultimate best. Your pursuit of excellence should not be motivated by your desire to hear “Job well done” from a Boss, a Supervisor, a Colleague, an Honourable Member or a Senior Member. It should, however, be fueled by that deep yearning to fulfill your unique calling, and to impact your sphere of influence in a major way. Your entire life will change the moment you decide to stop living and working simply to please others; because when the standards of those around you become the benchmark of success, it is impossible to know what you are truly capable of achieving. If you want to progress in your career, then start drawing on immenrse power and talents that are inside of you, and stop building yourself up for the affirmation of others.

The one-year experience did me good. God came through for me most of the time. I became spontaneous and outgoing most of the time, and I started my journey in blogging with the help of a colleague; I made mistakes and learnt from them. I succeeded in my search for a Job; I failed in some interviews; I passed some tests. I was sad at a point in time; I laughed out loud; I ate well; I grew fatter and prettier! It was an exhilarating experience.

I Can’t Do Without Them!

Hey loves, July came quickly and gradually 2019 will be coming to a stand still. Thank you all so much for reading and sharing thoughts on my posts.


I encountered a rather talkative driver in a “Troski” who kept asking questions about myself.So I’ve decided to share some of the most random things about me…

1. Call me Linda Amoni- And let’s just say, I’d want to maintain it as it is.

2. I know I don’t look my age but 24 sure looks good on me if you ask. Constantly, I would have to convince people of this. Same way, we can’t stop the wind from blowing, we can’t also stop people from insinuating.

3. I am a Ghanaian. Born on a Sunday. September will always remain my favorite month 😂

4.I would rather wear my natural hair or have my hair in braids.Weave ons are great but not really my thing. I sometimes do try them.

5. I love walking to not so far places. You would always find me taking “Troski”, but when I am very late for work or a function, I fall on Uber and Taxi.

6. You would mostly find me in a knee length skirt or Dress. Trousers and shorts would be for outing.

7. I have been using shea butter for my skin for years and God knows when I am going to stop 🙄😂

8. I love to smile, say funny things and sometimes keep a straight face. 🤷

9. I love movies (adventurous ones), Reading and writing will always be an addiction.

10. I love working and I feel itchy when I don’t get to achieve anything in a Day. I don’t really know if it’s a curse 😂

11. I take a lot of photos,not always of myself though.Sometimes it’s of nature,people,moments etc.

12.I love mangoes. Big Mangoes to be precise…just can’t do without it.

13. I love to travel; new environments excite me,but I sometimes get bored when I don’t see myself with the right people. Trust me, when I feel comfortable and get acclimatize with the environment and people, you will find me fooling around and going all out of my shell.

14. I love candies and sweets or chocolate 🙈🙊

15. I have changed a lot in terms of looks and physic and I think it’s a good start. (Thank God!) Normally, I would jog in the morning and make sure I sweat before taking shower.

16. The most simple things can make my day.

17. I prefer Lipton tea with no milk and little sugar plus bread. This is my favorite breakfast.

18. Where my United Fans at? 😂😂 even though I don’t know much about football and most players, I love the game! You will always find me screaming and yelling and clapping with this.

19.My two favourite colours are blue and Cream.

20.African print is my thing! Not really of a Corporate person.

21.For the past years I have constantly wore bracelet(beads) and would always love it, if it’s from a family member or friend. Reminds me of good times.

22.I love Banku or Kenkey with Okro stew or Pepper with grilled Tilapia. Can’t do without it. (it’s a meal made with fermented corn and cassava dough).I can eat it everyday.

23. I love my family so much and mostly make few friends. I’m not so much of someone who keep friends for a long time.

24. You will probably see me in the company of guys. I roll with them more and easily (not my fault… I get to learn, be myself, laugh a lot and tap ideas)

25. My love for heels though.

26. I love to sleep on two pillows and you dare not take one from me😎

27. Stickers on walls… Geezzzz… Just don’t take them off! I love them. I’ve got plenty of them in my room.

28. You will find me yawning in the afternoon and most active working or doing frivolous stuffs in the evening or morning.

29. I love carrying Kids and I’m touchy. (forgive me) learning to stop the latter. It’s annoying I know…

30. I’m quiet; but I talk a lot when we both make the conversation interesting and not one sided. In the midst of people, I prefer to keep my opinions to myself, especially when I know it won’t be appreciated or I might be communicating with the wrong audience.

31. Candles! I love to see them burn throughout the night. Find it refreshing.

32.My favourite Bible verse is

Isaiah 62:6-7

“Pray day and night, continually. Take no rest, all you who pray to the Lord. Give the Lord no rest until he completes his work.AMEN”

33. I love worship and praise songs in local Ghanaian languages. Min. Joe Mettle is currently my favorite. I’m just feeling that dude and his voice.

34. I love serene and picturesque views and my favorite place remains the beach side. My favorite hangout place!

35. I use Brown lipstick and sometimes Red(depending on the occasion). Make-up is not really my thing but I try to look good on occasions and to work.

36. I love talking to myself most of the time. Sometimes I speak words of encouragement to myself when I’m down.

37. I love Cats.

38. My favorite perfume is “Far away”

39. Accessories aren’t really my thing

40. Currently, my favorite quote is “You have come a long way, don’t let little things derail you from your goals. Regardless, pursue and fight till you win!”

Welcome to July my loves!

Thank you for being a part of my blogging journey.

God bless you.



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For the past five months, this scripture text and the topic “Revival”, has been the theme for spiritual growth. In this tall and elegant building is filled with people who are here on weekdays and on Sundays listening with keen interest to Evey Preacher who mounts the stage to talk about “Revival”. I would want to believe that this message, if not for all specific topics has pierced through hearts and people have given thoughts about it.

When approaching 2 Chronicles 7:14, one must first consider the immediate context. After Solomon dedicated the temple, the Lord appeared to him and gave him some warnings and reassurances. “The Lord appeared to him at night and said: ‘I have heard your prayer and have chosen this place for myself as a temple for sacrifices.’ When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people, if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

What is Revival?

Revival refers to a spiritual reawakening from a state of dormancy or stagnation in the life of a believer.

The question I keep asking is;

Are we revived? What shows we have gone through this revival period? How’s our prayer life? When last did we go for evangelism? How’s our Bible study and quiet time?

If what I was some months ago or a year ago is better than what I am now, then I need a revival. The scripture says, “Examine yourselves to see whether you are in faith…”(2 Corinthains 13:5). I believe this is the time for genuine examination of our walk with God. We must not be like the church in Laodicea in Revelations 3:14-19. They thought they were rich and doing well but God was not satisfied with them. He said they were poor and miserable.

Once, I had to remind a friend:”Do you know the Bible clearly speaks about Back-biting and Gossiping? To him, these are normal of humans to do and sees no reason why one should be perturbed about it.

I know we fall short of these little little sins… But hey, it’s time we become conscious of certain things and put a stop to them.
Can we keep the fire Burning? It may seem difficult but, remember Judgement awaits us all… Let’s be conscious of our iniquities and Yearn to do more for God.

Let’s vow to do this together!

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Having researched on this deadly disease, I discovered that Sickle Cell Anaemia is caused by a mutation in the gene that tells your body to make the red, iron-rich compound that gives blood its red colour (haemoglobin). In sickle cell anaemia, the abnormal haemoglobin causes red blood cells to become rigid, sticky and misshapen.

Haemoglobin allows red blood cells to carry oxygen from your lungs to all parts of your body. The sickle cell gene is passed from generation to generation in a pattern of inheritance called autosomal recessive inheritance. This means that both the mother and the father must pass on the defective form of the gene for a child to be affected.

If only one parent passes the sickle cell gene to the child, that child will have the sickle cell trait. With one normal haemoglobin gene and one defective form of the gene, people with the sickle cell trait make both normal haemoglobin and sickle cell haemoglobin. Their blood might contain some sickle cells, but they generally don’t have symptoms. But they are carriers of the disease, which means they can pass the gene to their children.

I was taken aback when a lecturer in one of the Public Universities advised me to check my genotype before having any emotional attachment with the opposite sex. He insisted I checked before going about my daily routines. His consistent pestering was becoming a nuisance. I mean, how can you just meet a stranger from nowhere and give this advice.

There certainly could be more to this disturbance than I thought. He then explained to me that if you happen to be a carrier of the disease, it’s worrisome. I could have declined and done the needful if I found a suitable spouse in the near future. But he was smart and played it out so well that I just couldn’t resist. His offer was very convincing…

“Since you are good at art and poetry, could you please write a poem about the Sickle cell? My team and I are embarking on a campaign and we would like you to join us. But first, you will have to check your genotype. I believe by checking, it will enable you write a good poem”. he advised.

I was put in a very tight spot by his convincing words. I knew I had no choice than to check my status and use my own experience to write a good poem to educate the youth out there to check their genotype first, before getting emotionally attached to their would-be partners.

So I titled it “Stop killing children, All in the name of Love”.

The “AA, AC, AS, SC, SS” makes sense now after I checked my genotype. Apparently, there was no campaign awareness as he claimed his team will be embarking on. He had played it smart and helped me to be informed. However, this wasn’t the end of his scheme. The plan was to hook me up with someone of a safer genotype. something I would never like to be involved in is to be linked with a guy I have no interest in or whatsoever. I would prefer to be searched for or do the searching myself. I think that’s more, for lack of a better word, “sweeter and the cutest thing”.

Unfortunately, we were incompatible and ours could have been a beautiful love story in the end because we share the same goals and dreams, not forgetting a coincidental date of our birthdays. We could have gotten married in the end if not for this “Deadly Disease called Sickle Cell Anaemia According to my supposed “hooked guy” he has been on the lookout for a lady who is compatible with his genotype and I happen to be his “4th bad Luck!”

So this is how it works, we have got to stop killing children in the name of love. Once you notice you are a carrier of the trait, you shouldn’t take the risk of getting involved with someone of the sickle cell trait all in the name of love. We could just have ignored the test and be concerned with the fact that there is something called “FAITH” and thereby move on to marriage. It becomes worrisome and frustrating when you keep asking people about their genotype before getting emotionally attached to them.

However, I believe the best decision we can ever take is to listen to the Voice of Reason.

© June 2019

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Put your best foot Forward

“Ohui”, it sounds funny when you mistakenly pronounce it without the Ga-Adangbe accent. For the fear of being neglected and made mockery at while growing up, I personally decided not to add “Ohui” to my middle name.

The name “Ohui” is the name given to the first female child by some part of Ga-Adangbe . Names such as “Ofoe, Akutu, Ogboo, Awo, Dede, etc” tells of which clan in Ada one belongs to. I am an Ada and I speak the Ga-Adangbe language very well. I also speak Ga and Krobo too. I love and respect my culture and would wish people would stop segregating and making divisions because one is not an/a “Ewurama, Aisha, Kwame, Kekeli, Mohammed, Hamdala, Naa Kwarley, Ashokor, etc”

“Etornam and I were getting to know each other better after a hangout. We exchanged contacts and decided to give it a shot. He was thrilled and so was I. He tells his parents he has found a lady and was getting to know her more. His parents then decided to probe more into the news. “Where is she from?”

Somehow, I always knew by the mere mention of my middle name, people would start asking questions like Etornam’s parents. The only time my Granny said anything concerning my choice of partner was when she forbade me not to bring an Ewe to the family (You know Old people and their funny insinuations). I always concluded she had her own motive for saying that.

Years back, I remember making a promise to myself never to marry a man from my tribe. You know what they say about them when it comes to arguments 😂 or perhaps it could be a personality discord. When I cast my mind back to girl talks I used to have with my- I call them “The girls” (Female friends), we would talk about men from the various regions. I recall my roommate; a northerner telling me about their men. They are very hardworking and owned GIGANTIC penises.😎

Some also said Fante men were lazy so they were so not interested. And this gist wasn’t from my girls alone. Male friends also swore that Women from Ga-Adangbe and Krobo’s are the sweetest and I am sure you know what that means. Of course…😍 They are good in bed and they (men) know what the beads does to them in bed. Abi you know that saying is true…But, what is the point here..

As a learned person, I sometimes try to make people understand that in this 21st century, we need to tolerate varied cultures and this objective could be achieved by mutual understanding. it is the duty of everyone to contribute his/her quota of the battle of tribalism.

We should, however, encourage inter-tribal marriages.
As young adults, most of our parents would still want to interfere in our choices. They would want you to attend their Alma mater because, it’s a family tradition, marry from a particular tribe because they did same and feel it’s the best decision, be with a particular kind of class or take up a particular kind of profession because, it’s undeniably the best that can put food on the table.

But will you put your best foot forward and say “No” to them anytime they suggest to you because you are an adult? Or you will go with them because it’s a lineage that needs to be passed on from tradition to tradition?If an Akan man should marry a Ga or Ewe, their children traditionally will be lost because, they don’t belong anywhere and might not get support from family members, friends or the society when hardship sets in. Studies have shown that inter-tribal marriages have lower support from family members and many would go to their

hometown to marry their kind, secretly or openly to please extended family. You would find Ghanaian marriages in so many permutations and ask why people are aggressive to see their children marry a particular tribe.

For me, the most important thing is, parents should rather make enquires about whether there’s some kind of Sickness, negative attitude that runs in the family of the potential husband or wife of their children rather than institutionalizing marriage for them. Such endogamy is pure tomfoolery which might not yield well if care is not taken.

Tribalism has led to unhappy marriages and ingredients which is the prerequisite for a good marriage has been neglected. I quickly asked, “So does our inability to speak a particular language (Whether Twi, Ewe, Nzema, Dagomba, Ga-Adangbe, Sisala, Akuapem, Fante, you just name them make us less a marriageable material? And it will amaze you the kind of parents who do that; people who have gone to schools and have had degrees upon degrees still wear their old raggy ideas and still stand painstakingly by their words.

Some give excuses like “We cannot travel far to see our in-laws or these tribe eh they are something else and excuses upon excuses…My thoughts exactly, “The next time I mention “Nana Kojo, Korkor, Mohammed, Tetteh, Kofi, Naa Amerley, Aku, Nii” please don’t give me that awkward look and don’t think twice about whether or not you are making a good choice of a tribe.

©May 2019

Trailblazer: Mother’s Day!

Time, they say will heal me and every passing day I hope to see his face one more time. Now more than ever, I miss him more than every passing day and I wish I would go weeks, months and years without thinking and standing in front of my mirror to ask myself “Daddy why so soon”


“You’ll stop crying after few days and months and you won’t miss him that much more” But they lied. I just want to tell him he has left me in the hands of strength and courage. Nene Amoakoto II did leave me and siblings in the hands of a Hairstylist who had to endure hardness and insurmountable challenges daily. I’m the hairstylist daughter who learnt how to make maize flour to be sold, the charcoal woman’s daughter who is unstoppable.

Mum in her hay days

When I look into her eyes all I see is Resilience and courage to continue in the face of rejection and frustration. Close friends say, I inherited my strength and boldness from her and my other half from my Dad. A mixture of the two made me a Trailblazer and a Pioneer.

“Wala p3 k3k3 ni wo fo)” meaning, what matters is we have life and that’s everything. So when faced with challenges, just smile and tell yourself this is so not permanent. God is in control. She’ll remark…

What’s my secret? : These exact Words


Yesterday, as I was preparing for a Youth Fellowship, she sat watching and reminding me every step of the way. She advised “When you go, and the ladies are cooking; watch, help and don’t just be an observer. Learn their ways and style of cooking, add it to what you already know and it will always be relevant to you one day. And this saying hit me hard… Because I’m always eager to show people what I know about what my mama taught me about a meal.

Reminds me of a dish I prepared in school( Banku with Kontomire Stew) The mere thought of some female friends who probably didn’t know my culture or let me say a different kind, made mockery of it. I was hurt and quickly had to call her to be sure if I’d make a mistake in the combination of food. Blutantly, Mama said, “Let them make mockery. They don’t know what they’re missing”


She’ll always say, Look beyond having a man who is attractive and has money at his disposal. Look beyond all the luxuries and gifts. When you meet your man, don’t look out for these things even though it’s necessary. May God bless you with one who will share your thoughts and dreams.

Mum and Dad… 😍 love

One who will walk with you through life’s journey. You have the right body shape and type any man would want to have. But always remember where you are coming from and where you want to go. Take care of this beautiful creation, treat it well and wait patiently for your Man.
Respect the man who will come into your life. May humility and courage to face each day one at a time be your hallmark. Emulate the woman in Proverbs 31 and don’t slack when you find a good man. Make an impact in his life and both fight for your Salvation.

Faith and Prayers

Love God as if it all depends on you. And obey his commandments for in that, you will find eternal life and peace. Every word of God is true and it is a shield to all who come to him for protection.

Humans can’t provide your needs. The provider is God so let prayer be your lifestyle and emulate a good life.

Good company.

She’ll say “My hay days wasn’t a bore;the fun part and excitement grew more when I met your dad. Even though Dad was the reserved type, this blend of personality made our home lively until death laid it’s icy hands on him. We’d walk along the coast and make promises to each other. We’d make friends and laugh out loud. She’ll always say, “Your silence and reserved nature reminds me of your Dad” learn to go out, meet new people, dress up, look good, change a hairstyle, and pamper your beautiful self.

Friends of the Hairdressers Association.

In doing so, be mindful of the friends you have and would make along life’s Journey. Roll with people who have Vision and make an impact in the life of the young and old. Make people miss your presence and let them wish “If Lynda were here, things would have been different, we would have made this happen”

Mrs Gladys Chianke Amoni -Apreku, You’re the best poet who wrote me.

Mum & Me