#My 2019 Story.

I readily agreed because I wanted to inspire others with my journey.

Of all the years, 2019, has been a memorable one. I call it my year of daring and breaking of bounds. I had lots of plans, thankfully majority of them were realized through sweat, tears, smiles and every single minute, God came through for me even when I didn’t deserve it. It was a miracle most of the time. I shared testimonies and inspired people through my journey in blogging.

1. I successfully started my journey in blogging with the help of a Colleague. I will always be grateful to Prince Kwakye for his immerse support and contribution towards this journey of mine. Days prior, I never dreamt of getting a new laptop for my write-up’s and for work. You see, it was God there. He always bring wonderful people to me to either teach me a lesson or make a positive or negative impact in my life. Keep reading and following more on a Poetess Akosua’s blog for new and exciting pieces.

2. Years ago, I always found solace in my room either brooding on the past, present or what the future holds. But God made me understand that I shouldn’t be anxious about anything rather trust in his words. This mentality got me stepping out of my comfort zone to either explore nature or meet new people.

2019 made me more spontaneous and outgoing. I had lots of fun and did new things. Notable one that got me was helping to plan a stage performance, wedding ceremony, celebrating my bestie on her birthday, surprising couple of friends who share the same passion and a lot of fun activities with my favourite people. Wish I could do that over and over again.

3. My fantasy of having to work in a corporate world came to past with the help of God. I had my one year National Service at Parliament of Ghana. The experience was an overwhelming one. It gave me the chance to do a lot of writing, editing and typing. Now, I can say for sure I type very fast. I loved it there at Parliament and will always have fond memories of senior members and fellow colleagues. The experience gave me the chance to learn tolerance, explore, and meet new people.

4. I don’t know if this is a miracle or just one of the normal things a young lady has to go through at a point in life. But I have gained a lot of weight and currently, your girl weighs 54.5kg. Last year, was horrific and depressing back in school. I told myself, I will pay attention to my body, looks and how I carry myself. I ate well and didn’t skip breakfast. Mind you, I love to eat. I am thankful to God for this massive transformation. God did it again!

5. I hardly blog about my relationship with the opposite sex but something happened this year. And I have learnt lessons from it. To learn that friendship comes naturally and there is no need to rush or force it.

Even though I wish things would go back to its normal state, I just can’t change and I will have to accept it this way. It was not a smooth experience for me but God has been faithful. And it tells me I still have courage within but I need to be open minded about sensitive issues like this. Regardless, it made me stronger and tells me I have a lot of psyching to do. I broke the rules of caging my words and letting go. It was real hard dealing with it.

6. I got the chance to learn from Kwesi Pratt and Justice Appiah of Pan African Television Station. I learned about reporting and news writing, how to operate the technical devices at a television station. It was an overwhelming experience.

7. I got a well-paid job! Whoop! Whoop! We definitely need to celebrate this miracle. Just let me know the time and day so we do some dancing and popping of champagne. God did it again. His ways aren’t mine and thoughts aren’t mine. He gave me a testimony to share with all. Months ago, I was pensive in thoughts and kept asking myself “what’s next for me after national service?” I realized God was preparing something for me. You see, he works in miraculous ways that we can’t comprehend. After being bombarded with questions at the interview with six panels, I concluded this was one of my worst moments but it turned out to be one of my many testimonies.

8. I had to stop and ask myself “Why the sudden demise”? I lost my friend and classmate! 😣 This really broke my heart and left me shattered. Life is never fair! May she rest in peace!

9. September, the 9th month, my birth month. Every 4th September, I celebrate God’s blessings for my life. This I do quietly in my room either watching movies, going to the beach side (my favourite place) or listening to my favourite songs and planning my next step in life. But this year, September didn’t go as planned. All my plans for my birthday was unfulfilled. I can only pray and keep my fingers crossed for another fun in 2020. Hopefully, I will surely get to really enjoy a birthday I have always dreamt of.

10. I started writing my book this year and hopefully next year, I will be publishing it! You know the wave of I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I’m down that hits you out of nowhere? This story got me wallowing in grumpiness, self-pity and indifference. But how I got out and found myself is a mystery…

11. I conquered my fear of heights this year. The feeling is unexplainable. I can say for sure that I am a girl who is going to do big things and cannot let little things or trivial issues get to her!

12. One thing I failed to do this year is to give myself a chance to love again 😂 scared huh? Or so not part of my plans this year? We’re not in a haste or hurry. Marriage can wait but mummy says you should reconsider and pray about your decisions.

13. Let’s talk about finances and savings. I guess I did great by saving…yeah. but the problem was my consistent buying of heels! !!!🙈 I couldn’t just see a heel and pass by.

14. An opportunity came by this year and God made it possible! I will be telling another testimony soon 😂😂😍!

To those asking why the sudden transformation? God saw me through my bad and good moments and he said it was time to get up and focus on myself and his promises.

I’m a storyteller and a living Testimony!

Waiting for 2020 ! Like this…