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    Chapter 8 of When I spotted Him… It sounded like the holy spirit finally answered Akosua’s silent prayers. But then there was something… an unmistakable message surrounding this new man she met. Is he a twin to Kay? Akosua kept asking and beating herself too hard. “I don’t want to fall off this cliff. 😫 […]


    Chapter 7 of When I Spotted Him… Aaaaaand we are back!!!  I have been gone for so long that I am even afraid that I may have forgotten how to write..lol! I missed you guys so much on poetessakosua’s Short Story. Thank you to everyone who sent me a message to ask how everything is […]


    …and as I walked through the familiar path of potholes that led to the doorsteps, where we had spent many starry nights cuddling and looking into each other’s sunken eyeballs, memories came flooding back as the fragrance of the rose bushes wafted over me. In my mind’s eye I could see him shirtless, flashing his […]


    1st July, 2021. I could have sworn they had a good chance to make a headway. But like a hurricane, it left him running to find comfort and peace somewhere else. I heard you are doing so well and that work has taken a better part of you. Yolanda, it filled my heart with hope […]


    I am thankful and overwhelmed today because I have had the most readers from these countries: Ghana, United States, Canada, South Africa, United Kingdom, Spain and Nigeria. To all my readers across the world,you are the reason I grab my phone to type my thoughts on this blog even when I have lost interest in […]


    The story of a woman with no child stuck me hard even when she had prayed for years and there was nothing. Days later,she turned her hall into a baby room and continued steadfastly in earnest prayer. Just like the widow in 1 Kings 7, her sorrows was turned into Joy. She couldn’t hold back […]

  • Dear God,

    Listen to this Song first. Capable God Dear God, It’s me again I’m faced with another challenge A challenge I know you are the only one who can solve it It’s me again And I can’t solve this puzzle if you don’t help me out I’m stuck here and I can’t seem to think to […]

  • The Writer’s Prayer

    Chapter Six of “When i Spotted Him…” A happy new month loves. May this month fill us with Joy and peace. Read Chapter 5 of W.I.S.H? Akosua was in love with a church guy but the occurrence that surrounded this love was tough. Did she give up? Pursued till the end? Found another love? Confused […]

  • Could this be an Infatuation?

    “Chapter 5 of When I Spotted Him…“❤ Well there you have it- the efforts of poetessakosua reader pressure. I feel as though i haven’t been the best version of me in recent times when it comes to storytelling, so i guess it doesn’t hurt to give you what you want. Chapter 1, 2,3 and 4 […]

  • Running away from my fears.

    Chapter 4 of “When i spotted him…” Happy friday, my loves, and welcome to the blog of the year (yes! We’re claiming already). Today, we’re on chapter 4 of W.I.S.H the best series on PoetessAkosua .com Some have been waiting for this chapter; whether or not Akosua will give up on Kay in Chapter 3 […]

  • SEQUEL TO “When I Spotted Him”

    Chapter 3 The price she had to pay… Hey guys, so I was just glancing through my previous post and I chanced on one of my favorite articles. “When I spotted him” though a true life story of an anonymous person, FYI (I’m not going back to my old state) 😀 somehow, I just felt […]

  • When I Spotted him… Part Two.

    Please have a read of Chapter one of When I Spotted Him. here **************************************** There was an attempt to get his attention and somehow, it did work out perfectly. The funny thing was, I had male friends speculating about the whole “Who is this lucky guy” To some, the assumed description fits their personality and […]