“When Angels Pick up their Crayons…”

Dr Michael Osei Agyapong, who has over the years won the heart of his audience with his plays, is going to mesmerise audience with a Rib-cracking and inspiring stage performance entitled “COLOUR ME”.The award, which was dubbed, Ananse Prize for Literature, was given to Dr Agyapong’s unpublished short story titled: “Changing Hands”.

“Colour Me” , however, is one of his best known and recognized staged plays.”The Gyeni-Ntim’s had the perfect family and the perfect song of praise to God. Soon their song changed and the once perfect family began to crumble into dust. With the ominous shadow of a dead grandfather in the background and a portrait that draws the family back into the clutches of an unwanted past, they begin to search for their new song and they find it in the most unexpected place. This play is a reminder that God’s not dead and His promises are sure!”

Under the auspices of The Nsawam Road church of Christ Youth Ministry, The Heaven-Inspired Theatre presents COLOUR ME; a stage play about family, love, the providence of God and of course, colours.

We specially invite your family to The Nsawam Road church of Christ, Circle to witness this spectacle on:

Date : 24th August, 2019

Time: 4:30pm to 8:30pm.

“Colour Me”….when angels pick up their crayons

The Heaven-Inspired Theatre

playwright:Dr Michael Osei Agyapong

Directed by: Naana Lexis Akosua Obenewaa Opoku Agyemang

#Poetessakosua Writes

Kobina Ansah’s “A BOY CALLED A GIRL”

My love for art and stage performance is unending. Just like a die-hard fan of Manchester United, I will always choose stage performance over a movie at a cinema. Reason being, the stage to me will always remain a mirror and drama is the true reflection of life.

Kobina Ansah a Columnist in the Mirror has over the years won my heart with his creative writing and Master piece stage craft. Just like Uncle Ebo Whyte his play always remains spectacular in the eyes of audience.

A boy called a Girl as said by Kobby talks about addictions and how many struggle to deal with such in their closets. He clearly notes how such addictions gradually destroy their victims and those around them.

“A boy called a Girl” is a beautiful piece that artistically touches on how a lot of people try to cover up their addictions by publicly condemning those same addictions.

“Everybody has some sort of addiction. It oftentimes begins as a strong desire for something. It may be just a strong desire for a phone. It may be just that desire for a man or woman. When one doesn’t manage their obsession well, however, it can eat them up and bring shame upon them eventually,” he explained.

Showing Today, (Saturday), July 20th at National Theatre at 4pm and 8pm, #TheBoyCalledAGirlMovie ReviewWriter .#Scibesproduction #Play #Drama #Stageperformance

Kindly watch the full stage Play here

Kudos to Scribes Production and Kobina Ansah!