When I spotted him…

when I spotted him…

I have a confession to make… please don’t be surprised to hear me utter these words.

These were the words I muttered to myself when I spotted this guy in church. I’d love to give a description of him to save you from guessing wrongly but on a second thought, let me save this for another time. Surprisingly, my co-worker felt the same way about me but just couldn’t let it out for the fear of the unknown. For me, it was magical any time I saw him pass by to the main auditorium. I just couldn’t stop staring and my instincts, somehow, kept battling with my mind.

He could be interested in someone else but why don’t you give it a try. I mean there’s definitely no harm in trying

Also, coyness kept saying to me.

No, just don’t try, you will make a mockery of yourself. Besides, you are a lady and it’s odd to see a lady proposing to a guy

Faith! Where are you? Please perform a miracle and let him spit out those three words already. I wouldn’t say I was desperate or rushing to have him all to myself. I had to be patient and let nature take care of this. I felt the need to talk to someone about this just to laugh over it, clear my head and stay put. The first person I spoke to urged me to give it a shot! But then I just couldn’t bring myself to accept any rejection. They say “actions speak louder than words” and I could let my actions do the needful by using his name to write a poem hoping he would read and understand these amative gestures but this dude read the poem on my whatssap status and didn’t pay attention to the words (I mean who does that😁) I could try again and again I thought, since he’s a poetry lover and loves literature. Then I wrote another but this time around, I sent it to him. Guess what, he read and said,

“Girl, you’ve got talent!”

For me, the write-up’s usually do the magic on my audience because once they read my pieces, we get interactive and so why is he acting all “slow-mo”. “I can’t think far…” In this case, it was virtually not working and I experienced a zero progress along the line. He is my kind of person and we would make a fine couple.

Unanswerable questions kept spinning in my head. Is this what guys go through when they try to “ron” us? “How do you guys even do it!!!” Asking a guy out isn’t an easy task to do in our part of the world. I’ve come to the conclusion that my man (whoever you are) will have to ask me out.

Please Don’t judge me.

Well, mine could just be a tip of the iceberg or probably I didn’t try harder. On the other side of the story was a co-worker who was also crushing on me but just couldn’t let it out. Apparently, I was so not interested and all I could think of was the dude who couldn’t make a head and tail from my poems. Why does love have to be so rigid and complicated this way. You love someone but that person is also head over heels with another. This is cruelty!

At one point, I imagined myself being a guy. Oh I wish I were a guy for few days… This thing called “roning” would have been much easier. The feminine in me was just haunting me to either give it a shot or stay put. Now, I needed a distraction or something that would make me to stop day-dreaming any time I run into him, an antidote to solve this puzzle and the twist and turns that will come with it.

The sight of him froze my brain and rendered me momentarily mute. His utterance is so soothing and I couldn’t just end the conversation yet. I shudder to think of what would happen if I could rehearse my lines properly and deliver them just like a guy would; I would be super proud of myself. It isn’t that I grow mute with all the “sugar-coated words”. I actually think up words and get them all organized in my head but “I open my mouth and the words don’t come out”.

I’d need a lawyer to help me out and if it did work out, my joy will be palpable. On the contrary, if it doesn’t work out, then he will be one of my many admirers from afar. Damn!

A writer once said Archimedes’ principle revels that the law of floatation is a mere exception to this rule: The dumbest ideas are born in the bathroom. Of all the guys, give me a chance to mention one I’d be more comfortable with when it comes to activities in church and I’d readily go for him. However, that thought remained in my bathroom and not to the populace. You see, it’s just not a Girls’ thing to do. (try asking all the women) It’s real hard. All we can do is to let our actions speak Louder!

PS: Read Chapter two of this Story here

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Disclaimer : This is a blog post of work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of my imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events is entirely coincidental.

Let’s be real here this is what most ladies go through…

Image : Pixabay

31 responses to “When I spotted him…”

  1. since you’re that crazy about him i think you should give it a shot for all you know he is also mad interested in you..Guys arent that hard to get like you ladies. lol… just be honest with yourself in issues like this and things wont be that difficult..

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  2. If you love someone, you let them know. Amony, I don’t think it’s solely the onus of the guy to do that. I thought you guys said “what men can do, you can do it better”.😂

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  3. Hmm…I am terrorized by the idea of approaching a guy …lol
    My ladies please let your Actions do the talking
    #Good job Lady Amoni#

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  4. Sweet! Lol! I have never had a problem/insecurity about asking a guy out. I figure, if he says NO, I won’t be wasting any more time. If he says YES, I say “dutch”. If he doesn’t want to share the bill, I say forget it.
    You know… down the line, I like to treat a neat guy to a dinner out, but that’s down the line.

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    • 😂 Lol.. Well, it’s very different in Africa. It will look odd when you ask a guy out… Especially when he’s not interested in you. That’s the sad part. I guess the writer spoke the mind of what people (ladies) actually go through. Being a person that doesn’t really know how to keep a conversation going
      I think with a simple and up-beat language, I can express myself openly
      And more honest and vulnerably
      I think this piece allowed me to speak up about things
      That I can’t really get through conversations or whatever
      I just write them down
      And I just hope people will read it or listen to it
      I think the arts in all forms
      Painting or poetry or even music or article
      They tell the truth about how we are living our lives
      What kind of struggles we are going through
      What kind of problems we are going through
      I express myself as this black Woman
      Living in Ghana
      Living the life of how women live it here
      To share everything is kind of tricky
      Because you don’t want to share it with the wrong person
      You don’t want to share the wrong policy
      Or politics or whatever
      When you speak up about what experience you are going through
      Someone that’s going through the same experience
      Would feel that they are not alone
      And I think that’s the beauty of Poetry or article writing
      That you feel like you have a voice out there
      Even though it’s not yours
      But someone out there is speaking out for you
      And for your mind
      The more you share the more you grow
      The more you write the better you become

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