I was no woman of god, but watching you talk about Jesus Christ and Salvation makes me want to experience God more.

I was no believer in the afterlife, but I’ll end this lifetime just to know you all over again in another world

I was of no strong faith, but before I speak, create and think, my mind goes to a heavenly land.

I am no Greek goddess, but I will drink every last bit of you until you flow like ichor in my veins
You, You, is all I need right now. Listening to your voice, words, gives me strength.

The Worshipper.

‪And I am no temple, no mosque nor church, but call me your sanctuary and lay your prayers unto me. Let me be your Bride and you, my groom.

Teach me and direct me to the heavenly land.

You know I am no holy woman, but with you, I know I will be One.

© 2019

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