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Fashion has seen tremendous change over the last couple of years with men, women and children finding new trends for every occasion. It is noted that a lot has been going on in the Ghanaian fashion styles. The industry in its entirety has gone far and there is the need to appreciate the efforts of these designers who are doing their best. Popular up-coming seamstress’ and tailors like Enyonam Akuba , Atigma designs Smiles’ designs Rhodel’s Couture, Wonder Couture, Iceberg Fashion, to name but a few have developed their unique style of designing.

Last month, I decided to try one of these designers. I encountered a rather talented young woman who delivered a fascinating style and a different kind of flare I was unfamiliar with. After my usual Thursday Youth class, for some reasons, I just had to pass by her Shop with my Six yards of two set of African Prints. She, however, recommended some styles for me to choose from the lot. Needless to say Miss Innocentia Polley deserves a standing ovation for her up-beat style in Sewing and other skills.

I met up with innocentia Polley recently to learn more about her craft as a seamstress, Barber, Baker and a Sign language interpreter in Ghana.

Akosua – Tell me more about yourself?

Inno: I have been independent since my first degree at the University of Education Winneba, where I studied B. A. English Education. My only motivation is my mum. I happen to be the last born of 6 siblings. They are all not educated. The females have given birth to a lot of children with no better husbands to look after them. I look at their lives and decided that I will change my family. I decided I will educate myself against all odds and here I am today. My family know that I live in Accra but they don’t know what I do for a living. They have no idea of what I do. I work hard so that I can send some money home.

Akosua- You made mention that apart from sewing, you do other things as well. What are some of these skills you possess?

Inno: I love to be independent especially of men. I know with God I will make it. I therefore learned every skill I come across so that I could make a living out of it. I learnt how to barber in SHS so I barbered all the children in my area including my father. Sewing, Baking, Barbering and Sign language (favorite). I love to sell too.

Akosua- What led to the creation of this Brand? “Centia’s Kreations”

Inno: “Centia” is just a part of Innocentia. And kreations – I feel like I create everything I sew that’s why. I have been working on my own as an fashion designer in the fashion industry for quiet some time now.

Akosua – How do Juggle everything you do together with studies at school?

Inno: Currently, I’m schooling in Winneba and having my MPhil in Applied Linguistics. I don’t find it stressful because I see the others as a break off from academics. I see them as hobbies so I do them when I need to take some leisure.

Akosua- Where do you see your self in the next 5 years?

Inno: becoming a Doctor in my field of study. The next time you will see me, I’d be carrying the title Dr. Innocentia Polley

Akosua- Ever thought of another skill?
Inno: I have actually thought about Computer- based one. Like making flyers, editing, Photoshop stuffs. I really love PHOTOGRAPHY but I can’t afford a camera now. But I will surely do it one day.

Akosua -: Did you learn all these skills on your own or you groomed yourself?

Inno: I groomed myself in some way. And I also try to get closer to people I can learn a skill from. So I was very selective in making of new friends.

Akosua -: Is it a full time activity or a side gig and how do your friends feel about this talent.

Inno: It’s a side gig for now. I want to focus on my academics. My friends really like me for who I am and always wish they could be more like me.

Akosua : What challenge(s) do you face as a seamstress?

Inno: Sometimes, people are not willing to pay the full amount and it’s really depressing and worrisome. It will change over time though, I am hopeful. Especially, when you haven’t slept all night and sit behind the machine to get their clothes ready on the said date they need it.

Akosua: How are you using social media to brand yourself?Any social media handles that someone can reach you on?

Inno: For now I am on Pinterest .com and that is where I post my beautiful designers of my customers. You can visit me through this link:

Akosua: Any word of encouragement for any young woman wants to venture into this fashion industry?

Inno: Its an amazing feeling to do things with ur own hands. Seriously, my sewing machine has a way of killing my boredom. When I am sewing, I don’t think about anything else. Don’t let fear stop you; just jump and build your wings on the way down. It is important to be self motivated and constantly create opportunities for yourself. Set your own standards- your principles and values should be your identity. The only way to get started is actually get started. Just do it. If you want to write, just start writing. If you want to sew, just start it right.

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Some of Inno’s works – Crentia’s Kreations.

In 2020, Miss Innocentia Polley graduated with an Mphil in Applied linguistics and graduated as the overall best Student.

Miss Innocentia Polley as Best graduating student in Mphil Applied Linguistics




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