Meditations: Hindrances to Growth

Scripture text: Matthew 13: 16-23

It’s unfortunate that only one out of four succeeded in the parable of the sower.

Question: What are the hindrances of growth mentioned in vrs 18, 21 & 22? Is any of these found in your life? What is your attitude to the word of God?

When God speaks, it’s like broadcasting seeds for planting. Some hear but don’t understand and the devil steals it, others understand and believe but discontinue soon as challenges come. Another group focuses more on the worries of daily life and neglect it by themselves.

You covered me!

According to vrs. 23, what happens to the last group? It is a great privilege to hear God speak go us. Therefore, we must honour what God says by obedience. We must position ourselves in such a way that God’s words will take root in our hearts. This must be deliberate.

Closing prayer: Lord, I thank you for my life. Not all woke up to see this day, I am highly appreciative. Lord, please help me get rid of all the things that contradict your word in my life. 🙏 🙏 Amen!

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